November 9, 2005

Mmmm. . . Sweet Memories

Picture this:
A grateful mama all snuggled up with her three little sons. The littlest nursing contentedly, half asleep one moment, completely asleep the next, but still doing that little 'suck suck suck' thing that they do! The middlest one laying so close to me using my stomach as his pillow, watching tv one moment, snoring the next! The biggest one hanging in there (as he always does!) just to have some hang time with mama! So, he gets up and heads downstairs. I say "where are you going?" (rhetorical, I know EXACTLY where he's going!! to the fridge to get a nibble of the chocolate chip cookie dough we'd made earlier today). He says "I'm going to go get something", I say "Oh, would you get the cookie dough while you're down there?" He says, "The whole bowl?" Mama says, "Yeah! The whole bowl!"
So, there we sit, the littlest and middlest having sweet dreams, while my first born and I indulge, with our fingers, in the tastiest memory! Mmmmm, good!

November 1, 2005

Dads First Words

This is my first posting on our blogg so bare with me.
As my lovely wife has said we have 3 wild ones and finally I can understand my Mother and Fathers pain of having three boys which were a lot like the ones we have now. There never seems to be a dull moment in our life but although we hope for one at least every month. Each one has there own personality and we try to embrace it, at times though it can be very trying but I know in my heart there untarnished souls will result into three Great Men some day that many will appreciate. I sure do love my boys.