October 13, 2005

"Mom, I'm moving the moon!"

Oh, these are the things I never want to forget! On this beautiful, crisp, moonlit fall night, the boys and I were outside lighting a fire in our chimnea. While Saylor tossed in the sticks that had been collected earlier, and Sage was snuggled cozily against me in the Moby Wrap, Stone played with the Moon. He was looking up at it, and moving back and forth, back and forth. Then, he told me, with such enthusiasm and truth, "Mom! I'm moving the moon!" He showed me how he was moving it. Walking this way, the moon would disappear behind the tree, moving back that way, there it was again! Indeed, he was 'moving the moon'.
I'm thankful that our life is a life of freedom. We can go to bed when we feel tired, and sleep until our eyes pop open. If not for this freedom, I fear I never would have gotten to live this beautiful memory. Thank you, Stone!

October 11, 2005

Happy Day at the Park

Today was a gloriously beautiful day, most of which was spent playing with friends at the park. We met John for lunch, first, as he was off to Pierre for a meeting tonight.
Saylor had his Taekwando (sp?) class this morning. He's doing so great and it's fun to see the smile on his face when he learns and lands a new move/kick, etc. After the park, we stopped by the movie store and picked up Robots. We've watched it twice already, but have it for 7 days, so who knows how many more viewings will occur! We'll see!
John and I had a great conversation this morning over coffee (everybody else stayed in bed, RARE!) It was much needed and felt so good to re-connect with him.
Little Sage is really getting into dancing. Anytime he hears music, his little head starts bobbing, and if he's standing, he does this sort of half squat, on the beat with his head bobbing thing! ADORABLE! He's growing so fast! 11 months old already. Can't we go back? I wish!
Tomorrow we have our All Souls playgroup, which I always look forward to. I will be doing some volunteering at the Sierra Club tomorrow night, while Dad and Boys have some time together. Hmmm, what will they do? Perhaps watch a good movie! (Robots!)


October 10, 2005

We're Home

Our vacation is over, and I've spent the day mourning its passing. I was in a funk today, for sure! Trying to take all of the lessons learned this past week and apply them; living joyfully, in the present, while wanting to put my family back into the car and hit the road, wasn't easy.
The boys have Kindermusik tonight, and I'm looking forward to a little time (quiet time) to cuddle with the baby and do a little reading.
Whew, a long day, but grateful for every minute!

October 8, 2005


Just a quick photo of us! This was taken at the Folk Fest this August, 2005. We camped (on the ground) and enjoyed three days of great music. Our beautiful boys were on the go, meeting people and enjoying new friends. The evenings were so beautiful. . . fireflies and bats, more stars than you can imagine! Life is good. . .

Insomnia at the Live and Learn Conference

Here we are at the Live and Learn Unschooling Conference in St. Louis. I am having the time of my life and really learning so much!
I know the boys are enjoying themselves, too, as we all stayed until the last act of the talent show tonight, and nobody missed a beat. Even once back in our room, the boys were so happy! They are all snoring peacefully right now, but I can't seem to clear my head yet, so thought I'd jump on here and post a bit.
This is my first attempt at this blogging thing, so we'll see just what happens and I'll plan on learning as I go.
It was John's birthday yesterday, 35! We ate at an excellent mexican restaurant, where Saylor and I sneakily informed our waiter that it was his special day! The boys got a big kick out of watching the staff come and sing to their papa!
Then we were off to see night one of the talent show. A friend told the MC of John's day, and the entire crowd sang to him. Special, indeed.
So much more that I want to share about this life changing experience we're having, but must get some sleep.