October 13, 2005

"Mom, I'm moving the moon!"

Oh, these are the things I never want to forget! On this beautiful, crisp, moonlit fall night, the boys and I were outside lighting a fire in our chimnea. While Saylor tossed in the sticks that had been collected earlier, and Sage was snuggled cozily against me in the Moby Wrap, Stone played with the Moon. He was looking up at it, and moving back and forth, back and forth. Then, he told me, with such enthusiasm and truth, "Mom! I'm moving the moon!" He showed me how he was moving it. Walking this way, the moon would disappear behind the tree, moving back that way, there it was again! Indeed, he was 'moving the moon'.
I'm thankful that our life is a life of freedom. We can go to bed when we feel tired, and sleep until our eyes pop open. If not for this freedom, I fear I never would have gotten to live this beautiful memory. Thank you, Stone!

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