October 11, 2005

Happy Day at the Park

Today was a gloriously beautiful day, most of which was spent playing with friends at the park. We met John for lunch, first, as he was off to Pierre for a meeting tonight.
Saylor had his Taekwando (sp?) class this morning. He's doing so great and it's fun to see the smile on his face when he learns and lands a new move/kick, etc. After the park, we stopped by the movie store and picked up Robots. We've watched it twice already, but have it for 7 days, so who knows how many more viewings will occur! We'll see!
John and I had a great conversation this morning over coffee (everybody else stayed in bed, RARE!) It was much needed and felt so good to re-connect with him.
Little Sage is really getting into dancing. Anytime he hears music, his little head starts bobbing, and if he's standing, he does this sort of half squat, on the beat with his head bobbing thing! ADORABLE! He's growing so fast! 11 months old already. Can't we go back? I wish!
Tomorrow we have our All Souls playgroup, which I always look forward to. I will be doing some volunteering at the Sierra Club tomorrow night, while Dad and Boys have some time together. Hmmm, what will they do? Perhaps watch a good movie! (Robots!)


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