July 21, 2008


Nothing serious, at least no bodily injury. Last Wednesday at 4:20 a.m. our vehicle was snoozing quietly on the street in front of our house when along comes a drunk driver who couldn't keep his vehicle in the center of the street and so crashed into ours. Someone on the next block down called it in right away and he was caught. The police came to our house around 5 a.m. to inform me of the incident. Of course, the "other guy" was driving on a suspended license with no insurance. And now, we shell out a $500 deductible because of it all.

After many deep breaths and reminding myself it could have all been so much worse, I'm doing my best to move on and let it go. Of course, I haven't actually had to write out that check yet, either.

Ok, more deep breaths....

July 14, 2008

Swimming All theTime!

That's what we do these days. Swim, swim, swim. Sage (3) is so completely comfortable in the water. He's intent on practicing his back float/stroke when he's got his beginner's swim vest on. It was so fun on Saturday to watch him work on swimming backwards. I stood far enough back to let him explore on his own, without my meddling. And wouldn't ya know it! He laid back some, but tried to keep his head up a bit too much, so next time, he laid back more, allowing his head to lay fully back into the water, chin up, and AWAY he went.

Stone is an official swimmer, now, too. He prefers to stay where he can touch, but the things he does in the water amaze me. Very fancy dolphin looking dives, and arched-back back flips, and lots of time spent underwater--with his goggles on. The eye/nose goggles take a whole lot of fear out of it for him, he can go under freely without worrying so much about water up the nose. That's a good thing!

Saylor is, and has been for quite some time, a full-on swimmer. Deep water, diving boards, the whole bit. He's been working lately on the perfect dive. He's got it down, too. He loves to dive off the side or off the board if one is available. Like Stone, he digs the eye/nose goggles. He even dives with them firmly in place. Ouch--(to me), but I guess it works for him!

Interestingly enough, Saylor was the only one who took swimming lessons, and that was back when he was 3 and I didn't know better yet. ;) The boys have simply been given lots of time in the water and room to explore. What a wonderful way to master the things most important to you! Just DO it! And do it and do it some more, and voila, you've got it down. No frustration or fear of doing something 'not right'...just swimming (or riding bicycle, or skateboarding, or cooking, or reading...) for the pure joy of it and becoming quite skilled along the way.

So, tonight, we went swimming. On our way home, we all thought egg drop soup sounded excellent, so we swung by a chinese restaurant close to our home and grabbed some. A perfect after swim snack, we think! We plan to swim again tomorrow in a creek somewhere with friends. We'll spend Wednesday at Sheridan Lake with friends. Tis the season... Enjoy the water wherever you may be!

July 9, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

That's what you title your post when you can't think of anything creative! ;)

We're good here. Busy as ever, spending every minute possible either outside, at the park, at the pool and/or with friends. I've begun a part-time position at our local food co-op as its coordinator. The boys get to hang out with some groovy cool baby-sitters while I'm there, so everyone seems happy with the situation.

Stone has a new kitten. Her name is Ruka. Saylor has new dog, his name is Scruff. (photos soon, promise!)

John's busy with his construction season in Minnesota. We had a nice 4th weekend, even squeezed in a date to go listen to some live music at the Heritage Festival.

Our house is still on the market. I'm still so undecided on which way I want this to go, so I simply don't really care how it goes. Not in an apathetic kind of way, just in a "whatever happens is going to be great" kinda way.

So little time to write about what we're up to, because we're just always up to something so time is short. I can either write here, or do things like keep my boys fed and in clean clothes! :) I know, it's a tough choice. I am doing my best to keep up with other blogs, though.

Life is good here! Hoping it's the same for you...