June 27, 2009

So... You Wanna Know What's Up?

The short of it goes something like this:

We're expecting a baby.
John's working in Minnesota.
The boys and I are 'house-sitting' at a little slice of heaven in the Black Hills.
We're house hunting.
I *need* (want?) a nest, again. Love my community here, my support. Invaluable, especially now.
Still have the bus, though it is (and has been for a long time) for sale.
We'll still travel, not sure how that'll look yet.
The boys are crazy as ever.
I'm regaining my sanity. ;)
The bump is growing slightly and giving me occassional thumps to remind me of the new life growing inside me. Nearly 5 months along now.
I'm still in shock that we are, indeed, having another baby.
The boys are thrilled, thrilled that they'll be having a new baby to love.
I have to laugh at myself for thinking I had it all figured out, all my big plans! What a nice little reminder that I am *so* not in charge!

Hoping your life is just as crazy, wonderful, unpredictable and peaceful as ours!