June 27, 2009

So... You Wanna Know What's Up?

The short of it goes something like this:

We're expecting a baby.
John's working in Minnesota.
The boys and I are 'house-sitting' at a little slice of heaven in the Black Hills.
We're house hunting.
I *need* (want?) a nest, again. Love my community here, my support. Invaluable, especially now.
Still have the bus, though it is (and has been for a long time) for sale.
We'll still travel, not sure how that'll look yet.
The boys are crazy as ever.
I'm regaining my sanity. ;)
The bump is growing slightly and giving me occassional thumps to remind me of the new life growing inside me. Nearly 5 months along now.
I'm still in shock that we are, indeed, having another baby.
The boys are thrilled, thrilled that they'll be having a new baby to love.
I have to laugh at myself for thinking I had it all figured out, all my big plans! What a nice little reminder that I am *so* not in charge!

Hoping your life is just as crazy, wonderful, unpredictable and peaceful as ours!


Sue and Maddie share this identity said...

oh, I'm so glad to hear you all are well! and not far away! we're traveling then hosting family for the next little while but perhaps we can drive up for a visit sometime later in the summer!
thanks for the update,

Snavleys said...

Aaahhh Karen, life is good. It all unfolds, sometimes unexpectedly, but how lucky this little one is to be coming into such a wonderful, supportive, loving, ROCKIN' family! Love you girl!

Sean said...

Wow... now you need a bigger bus!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Thanks for the update!!!! So happy and excited for you. :O)

kelli said...

it was great seeing you when we could, I'm glad you're back in SD :)

hugs and love~~

5 Chinchen's said...

gosh i miss you guys.
happy to see you wrote. keep us updated on the "nest hunt" and the growing bump. how about some pictures.
hugs to you, john, saylor, stone and sage.
hope to see you all soon!