April 22, 2006

On Consciousness

I've been thinking quite a lot about being conscious these days. I remember feeling these things, and thinking these things the last time I lived here, in this place, in this house. For the past year and a half, we have not been living *consciously*, or I should say I have not been living consciously. And now, it's returning to me. The feeling, the need to want to live with meaning. In the little things, in the big things. It feels really good to have this shift.

April 21, 2006

Outside again

We took a quick drive up to Hill City today to visit a friend who will be opening up a health food store there. Very cool spot, and HC doesn't have a HFS yet, so it should go over well! Then we went to the park to help Haakon celebrate his 6th birthday! We all got yummy organic ice cream bars, and the kids played some games and again found their way to the creek. They were all pretty muddy when it was all over with, but well worth it!
Got home in time for the boys to mingle with their baby chicks/duck for a while, then John arrived home from SF. I whipped up some Indian tacos for dinner, then off to the Idea Wild slide show at the Journey Museum. The slide show was fascinating (if you are a grownup), and the kids sat well enough through it! Then, Melissa from Wildlife Adventures brought out some live animals. A large parrot, named Reggie; an Euroasian Eagle Owl, a pigeon, and some type of rainforest lizard at the end (from the rainforest, oops, can't remember what kind?) Stone bought a t-shirt, and in so doing, helped to fund a project to provide binoculars for scientists in the field who are interested in biodiversity. Now, we're all tired and home. I put Sage to sleep first, then went down to get myself ready for bed. Made the mistake of opening up the fridge and saw the 2 Napolean deserts I picked up from the Alpine Inn while in Hill City today. So, out came my fork! Mmmm, my favorite! Saylor and Stone are watching a bit of tv, and will be up when they feel ready for bed. As for me, I'm ready now! Goodnight!

April 19, 2006

Baby things

This afternoon Pam called, and sweetly offered to watch the boys while I finished painting, or rather, adding the last of 4 steps to the last wall and a half in the dining room. It's done, finally! I'm such a procrastinator sometimes. Then I asked her if she'd stay for dinner, and she said sho thang! Anyway, I threw some leftovers from the fridge into some organic chicken broth, and voila! Soupy soup for suppy sup!
And, now onto the "baby things" title. We went to Runnings and got some baby chicks and a baby duck. I thought we'd get three baby ducks, but Saylor and Stone each chose a chick instead, then I grabbed (gently!) a baby duck for Sage. Yeah, he screams if it comes near him, but I sure think it's cuter than cute! We got them all set up in the bathroom for the overnighter (Max is still sleeping in the house, and that's the only door that shuts downstairs). Will work on getting them situated in the garage tomorrow. The boys are loving them so much already, carrying them around everywhere they go, snuggling with them on the couch. They haven't named them yet, though Stone did mention he was going to call his chick Frozone. (y'know! from the incredibles) Mostly he just likes to call it baby chicken and watch it waddle around dropping baby chicken poop all over the floor, while I run around with my wet rag and BioKleen to pick up the pieces! Anything for my boys! :)
The sun is making its way back to us now! Expecting some upper sixties this weekend. 82, to 32, to 69! Crazy stuff.

April 18, 2006


It was 32 degrees today! And windy, and snowing, and raining, and then snowing, then some rain, and a little hail thrown in there for good measure! Oh, and lots more wind. Gusts up to 70+ miles an hour, I heard. We had to take Max to the vet for a check, he's got a funky little cough, but he's on the mend, now. Nothing serious. He's been quite happy sleeping on his dog bed inside by the door. We've got the fireplace going today, so snug and cozy it is here! I love these kinds of days. Excuses to NOT go outside of the house, and just have to hang out and veg together. When the weather is good, the boys are outside all the time, so it's harder to keep up with them sometimes, and they would rather be hanging outside than inside with their boring old mama, so I like it when they're stuck with me! hehehehe!
During dinner we had a very cool conversation about having babies at home versus hospital, and also breastfeeding. Saylor asked me "what did your grandma do with you?" (What he meant was "what did his grandma do with me?) I shared what I knew. That I was breastfed for about 3 weeks, and then fed with a bottle. Then Stone shared how much he loved nursing, and was proud to tell Saylor that he even still knows HOW to do it! Saylor responded by saying, "you do? i don't remember how anymore" Then Stone sat there and gave him step by step directions, demonstrating with his cute little lips on this invisible air nipple. It was adorable! Then, suddenly Stone says, "Yeah, I loved nursing! Maybe I could nurse right now!" And of course I said, "you can nurse whenever you want". So, he gave it a try right there at the dinner table. I wonder sometimes if his need was fully met? He definitely has a boobie fettish. My beautiful boy!

April 17, 2006

In the Creek

Today was a beautiful, beautiful day! Zanskar and Teo spent the morning with us, then we all headed to Sioux Park for a bit before Poppy came to pick up the twins. Sage fell asleep en route, so slept in the sling for a quick nappy before waking up to dicover where we were, then of course, he was off and running!
The boys meandered their way down towards this very shallow spot of creek, and waded around in it for a while with a couple of others brothers that were there. They were so into finding all kinds of different, intersting rocks, and then chucking them down stream. My wonderful Stoney boy couldn't resist the temptation to lay in the water, so he did. In all his glory, there he was, fully clothed, tummy down and loving it! I'm sure it had to be chilly, it is only April after all! But, they enjoyed it, and I enjoyed watching! Sage stayed close to the edge and also reveled in the chucking of the rocks! It was 82 degrees today!

April 6, 2006

Happy Boys

We've had so many really good days since moving back to Rapid City. I'm sure that the boys mirror my energy, and it's been more than obvious recently. They have all been happy, giggly, kind, loving, and so much fun. Even little Sage seems to be feeling the effects of coming home, though he was only gestated in this house, and spent the whole of his life in Sioux Falls, but I'm convinced he likes it better here! :)
Saylor and Stone spent most of the day hanging out together and playing "what can we cut up" with fancy cheese slicer tooly things. It was so cool to hear them talking to each other, using kindness and consideration and cooperation. It was just lovely.
John left early Tuesday morning, and so the boys and I have been on our own this week. He'll get back tomorrow and we're all ready to see him and have him back in our big bed. We've had a full week, here's the rundown:
drop dad off at windmill truckstop, swing by BK for Croissanwich (saylor HAD to have one), Menards run for booster seat for Stoney boy, and more stuff? can't remember, man, i need to blog daily!
Zanskar and Teo spent the morning with us, went to the park for an 'all dayer', came home and mama was wiped out, so wanted to get Sage down for a nap, but he wasn't havin' it, so, up we go, popped up some popcorn, outside until dusk. It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed every minute of it. Had a great conversation with Jen re: midwifery stuff/doula stuff. She's a gem of a woman, and I'll miss her very much.
Thursday: (that's today)
planned on going to the Line's Ballet rehearsal, but the boys played right on through the morning, then I looked at the clock, and oops! 1:22 (started at 1) So we agreed that lunch at the Saigon would be a good alternative. Egg drop soup was yummy, tea was even yummier, and they have a great spot that has toys in it for wee ones to occupy themelves with for a bit. Another trip to Menard's for Max's collar and a dogbed, as well as paint for the dining room (which Pam has so graciously given the gift of herself Saturday to come and help me with! thanks again, darling!) Monica's house for some yummy lentil soup and learning some incredible things about Xango (super duper healthy juice made from mangosteen (sp??) Then, in the dark and in the pretty heavy rain, a quick trip to Albertsons for some organic 1/2 and 1/2 for big mama to have in her morning breve. And of course, the kids chose a few things, too.
Planning a trip out to Rebecca's to just be together and talk and eat, I'm sure! Isabelle doesn't have school tomorrow, so the boys are looking forward to playing with her in their wonderful little children's fortress of a home!

*****Some Random Thoughts***** (ha! aren't they all?)
As I was hanging some sheets on the line this afternoon (just in time for them to be rained on over and over throughout the remainder of the day), I smiled to myself to be back in this space. Even the bird calls I was hearing were safe and familiar. That's how it felt to me. Like my old buddies, the birds, greeting us and welcoming us back. We have a birdhouse right outside our kitchen window that is home to a busy mama/papa. Saylor noticed them a few days ago, and said that they probably moved back in when they realized we were back. When we lived here before, there was a family in there, too. Saylor actually rescued one of the babies that had fallen out, so he's quite attached to this family.
There are so many other things I think of throughout the day that I really want to capture and get down in words here, but then I sit here and they all escape me. Perhaps I need a computer that fits in my pocket to get down all of those fleeting words and moments? Ah, well, for now this will do!

April 4, 2006

Breathing Babes

I got on the computer quick before bed to see what was up with our park plans tomorrow, and then checked hannahbearski's blog. www.hannahbearski.blogspot.com
Diana wrote about how she spends a minute or 100 crying at her computer in the mornings and how she misses hearing Hannah's breathing (her computer is near her bed) while she's on her computer.
This I read as I sit only feet away from my 3 sleeping, breathing children and I could only weep.
Words don't seem to work right now ...