April 6, 2006

Happy Boys

We've had so many really good days since moving back to Rapid City. I'm sure that the boys mirror my energy, and it's been more than obvious recently. They have all been happy, giggly, kind, loving, and so much fun. Even little Sage seems to be feeling the effects of coming home, though he was only gestated in this house, and spent the whole of his life in Sioux Falls, but I'm convinced he likes it better here! :)
Saylor and Stone spent most of the day hanging out together and playing "what can we cut up" with fancy cheese slicer tooly things. It was so cool to hear them talking to each other, using kindness and consideration and cooperation. It was just lovely.
John left early Tuesday morning, and so the boys and I have been on our own this week. He'll get back tomorrow and we're all ready to see him and have him back in our big bed. We've had a full week, here's the rundown:
drop dad off at windmill truckstop, swing by BK for Croissanwich (saylor HAD to have one), Menards run for booster seat for Stoney boy, and more stuff? can't remember, man, i need to blog daily!
Zanskar and Teo spent the morning with us, went to the park for an 'all dayer', came home and mama was wiped out, so wanted to get Sage down for a nap, but he wasn't havin' it, so, up we go, popped up some popcorn, outside until dusk. It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed every minute of it. Had a great conversation with Jen re: midwifery stuff/doula stuff. She's a gem of a woman, and I'll miss her very much.
Thursday: (that's today)
planned on going to the Line's Ballet rehearsal, but the boys played right on through the morning, then I looked at the clock, and oops! 1:22 (started at 1) So we agreed that lunch at the Saigon would be a good alternative. Egg drop soup was yummy, tea was even yummier, and they have a great spot that has toys in it for wee ones to occupy themelves with for a bit. Another trip to Menard's for Max's collar and a dogbed, as well as paint for the dining room (which Pam has so graciously given the gift of herself Saturday to come and help me with! thanks again, darling!) Monica's house for some yummy lentil soup and learning some incredible things about Xango (super duper healthy juice made from mangosteen (sp??) Then, in the dark and in the pretty heavy rain, a quick trip to Albertsons for some organic 1/2 and 1/2 for big mama to have in her morning breve. And of course, the kids chose a few things, too.
Planning a trip out to Rebecca's to just be together and talk and eat, I'm sure! Isabelle doesn't have school tomorrow, so the boys are looking forward to playing with her in their wonderful little children's fortress of a home!

*****Some Random Thoughts***** (ha! aren't they all?)
As I was hanging some sheets on the line this afternoon (just in time for them to be rained on over and over throughout the remainder of the day), I smiled to myself to be back in this space. Even the bird calls I was hearing were safe and familiar. That's how it felt to me. Like my old buddies, the birds, greeting us and welcoming us back. We have a birdhouse right outside our kitchen window that is home to a busy mama/papa. Saylor noticed them a few days ago, and said that they probably moved back in when they realized we were back. When we lived here before, there was a family in there, too. Saylor actually rescued one of the babies that had fallen out, so he's quite attached to this family.
There are so many other things I think of throughout the day that I really want to capture and get down in words here, but then I sit here and they all escape me. Perhaps I need a computer that fits in my pocket to get down all of those fleeting words and moments? Ah, well, for now this will do!

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