April 19, 2006

Baby things

This afternoon Pam called, and sweetly offered to watch the boys while I finished painting, or rather, adding the last of 4 steps to the last wall and a half in the dining room. It's done, finally! I'm such a procrastinator sometimes. Then I asked her if she'd stay for dinner, and she said sho thang! Anyway, I threw some leftovers from the fridge into some organic chicken broth, and voila! Soupy soup for suppy sup!
And, now onto the "baby things" title. We went to Runnings and got some baby chicks and a baby duck. I thought we'd get three baby ducks, but Saylor and Stone each chose a chick instead, then I grabbed (gently!) a baby duck for Sage. Yeah, he screams if it comes near him, but I sure think it's cuter than cute! We got them all set up in the bathroom for the overnighter (Max is still sleeping in the house, and that's the only door that shuts downstairs). Will work on getting them situated in the garage tomorrow. The boys are loving them so much already, carrying them around everywhere they go, snuggling with them on the couch. They haven't named them yet, though Stone did mention he was going to call his chick Frozone. (y'know! from the incredibles) Mostly he just likes to call it baby chicken and watch it waddle around dropping baby chicken poop all over the floor, while I run around with my wet rag and BioKleen to pick up the pieces! Anything for my boys! :)
The sun is making its way back to us now! Expecting some upper sixties this weekend. 82, to 32, to 69! Crazy stuff.

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