September 30, 2012


Today I participated in a day-long educational and training event to learn more about the Body Talk healing modality.  The class I took - Body Talk Access -  taught me 5 quick and easy techniques that I can now use on myself, my family and others seeking energetic, non-invasive, intuitive, whole body healing.

But let me back this up just a bit.

Earlier this summer, I'd made the decision that after the Access class, I would take the "next step" and go for the more (much more) intensive training that Body Talk Fundamentals: Part 1 & Part 2 offer.

Then, I wavered.

I spent a bunch of time up in my head (oo.. I hate it when I do that!) telling myself all the reasons that wouldn't be a good idea.
"you're going to Costa Rica 9 days after the class... you'll never be able to retain all that information... you always do this, Karen, jump into things and then lack the follow through... it's such a pattern of yours to get all excited and bite off more than you can chew... and on... and on... and on..."
Well, that's just not serving me at all, now is it?!?  I am willing and wide open and READY to embrace with my whole heart this new experience.  Attending the Access class today has given me the courage to move forward and trust the process.

I'm excited (nervous, scared, hopeful, and lots of other describing words here!) about this new chapter.  For 13 years, I've been playing the Mom role very heavily.  I've been interested in all things alternative since bringing our first child into the world, but raising my children has been my priority.

And so here I go.  Very much looking forward to watching this new journey unfold for me and taking an even more active role in our health.

I'm ready.