March 29, 2011

On Listening

This past Sunday at fellowship, our lay leader shared with us a spoken word essay on life's themes and detachment.  It was lovely to listen to.  Who doesn't like to be still and listen to a good story?  John tells the kids stories all the time, (and I've heard the stories several times) but I sit and listen like it's the first time I've ever heard it. 

As I was cleaning up the kitchen today, a thought stumbled into my head:  just think of how much we miss out on, because we're too busy talking...or preparing to talk.  Listening is big.  Today, I will try to be a better listener. 

The spoken word essay was from this site  ::::   ~Listen Well~   From its homepage:  "offering once monthly, recorded pieces that speak to our need for individual awakening, and embrace the shared wisdom of all faiths..."

Can't wait to hear more, there are a whole list of archived pieces just calling my name.

March 26, 2011

Spring is here?

We celebrated the spring equinox last weekend and it was gorgeous. Friday the 18th we spent alone just our tribe of six. On Sat 72 friends came together to bring in the spring with planting seeds, decorating eggs, hunting eggs, Hula Hooping, dancing, drumming, singing, and telling stories. It was so much fun, what great souls. This weekend a bit of snow but I know it will be warming up soon cause I got the call to go back to work. I am excited about the work season this year I feel I have grown so much. My perception of life has changed in many ways, it is hard to put into words. I am very grateful and blessed with such a wonderful life.
Its Saturday 26th we just turned the electricity back on after an hour of drumming and singing by candle light to honor mother earth so nice. Boys hanging with cousin Jarod , Mama in bed with baby girl I think I will join them.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world


We're spending the day lazing around, mostly. I"ve spent some time playing around with a free webinar service that we can use for the coop help our members becoming more familiar with our on line ordering procedures and stuff like that>

and now<> or an apostrophe " this is what i get> sHIT!!! And my letters will become upper case for no reason, at random times. shhhh. Don't tell John. Saylor and I just got done 'damaging' (oh! look, it's working now!) John's computer using uTorrent. Evidently, we invited in a nasty little infection. But. Fred (fixmycomputer) fixed her up for us. Next time, we'll just save the $95 and buy the movie we want. :)

John is scheduled to start his first mill job of the season on Monday. However, we now have 2 inches of snow on the ground, so that may get pushed back a bit.

Our life is buzzing right along, ever so sweetly. John and I were just talking about how content we feel right now. It's wonderfully wonderful. I love that we have such real conversations. We're both comfortable with sharing our feelings and that is what makes our relationship so special, I believe.

The other night, while laying in bed trying to go to sleep (on a night when I had to have my alarm set for a wake-up the next morning, so naturally, could NOT fall asleep), I decided to start a blog for each of the children. I wonder if they show up automatically within this little place (like in my profile somewhere?) or perhaps I should link to them here, too?

Ya. That's what I'll do. I'll put them here, and then I'll add them to my sidebar.

John's watching "Thumbs Up", and I'm listening in. Sounds interesting. It's about hitchhiking.

Ok, so John is giving me crap about... "what, now are you going to become a rolling reporter? someday you'll have to actually interact with your kids" -- because I'm giving a play by play here.

I'm gonna go now. Interact with my kids. :)

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy