September 22, 2009

...and... She's Back!

Not going to try to play catch up, but sure is nice to be back. After spending most of the summer 'displaced', staying here and there, and then finding a rental which needed much preparation, our life is settling down into a nice little groove.

The boys are all taking classes at the local homeschool cooperative for the next 9 weeks (only 1 day/week, Monday afternoon for 3 hours), we had our first day yesterday and they all did great! I have to admit, I was a little nervous, but I kept manifesting a positive experience, and that's what we all had. A parent is required to stay on-site during the entire time, and help in the classrooms for two of the three hours, so I got to bop in and out of the boys' rooms. It was fun.

The baby belly is coming right along. I'm getting very curious about this little being inside me. You'd think since I've done this 3 times before, the pregnancy thing would be less than exciting, but I gotta tell ya, it's not! I can't keep my hands off my stomach and I want to grab anyone that's nearby every time I feel the baby move so they can feel it, too. The boys are good sports, and always come running when I say, "Ooo, look, baby on the move..." They love seeing it, although sometimes, their response is, "Oh, that's gross, it's like an alien in there". Funny monkeys.

We saw John last week and part of the weekend, then he was off to work again. It looks like he'll make it home this weekend, but we never really make any definite plans unless he's actually driving this way. Things change so quickly for him and his job. We talk and text (well, I text him, he's not so fond of that avenue of communication...yet...!) every day, more than once usually. It's a tricky balance staying 'connected' when you physically are not. It's worth it, though, and something we both take seriously. Marriage can be full of bumps and thumps, but when you're married to your best friend, every single down only brings you to a higher place. Always evolving...

We had a relaxing day at home today, followed by a night-time excursion on the golf course that included lots of running, some wrestling, glow-sticks and a bow and arrow. I was jonesing for a bath, so I hopped in when we got back into the house, and before I knew it, I had 3 joiners. You'd really laugh if you knew the size of this tub. It's on the smaller side of a standard sized tub, but they managed to all find a little corner to tuck themselves into. It was so sweet, really, 5 of us in the tub together. I love that they are so open, my little men. They're the best.

May you cherish every moment... Peace...