March 30, 2007

She's Coming to HOT SPRINGS!!!!

I can barely contain my excitement, and May will be here before I know it!

I'll be collecting up a big bunch of friends and we will drive the beautiful drive to see the beautiful woman whose music has become my favorite!!!

If you scroll down on her myspace page, you'll find the date, the location, did I mention HOT SPRINGS!!! Click on it for more info, see you there!

March 29, 2007

A Bit of a Run-Down

Since I haven't been present online for a while, I've been unable to blog about what we're doing, so, in order to spare you every DETAIL about every THING we've done, I'll do a short run down of the last couple of weeks. (I'm sure I won't manage to remember it all, I am a mother of 3 and you know how that zaps the brain cells!)

My dad was out here for a visit, drove out from Custer, SD. While he was here, he brought a whopping huge chunk of tuna over and we grilled it up here at the bus, with some brown rice and a salad and a nice bottle of vino. Megan, Dad, John, myself and the boys all shared a lovely meal together. The next night, I had a movie date with Dad and Megan! Yippee, I enjoyed that a whole lot! Megan had some free tickets to see "Blades of Glory" as part of a pre-release showing deal. It wasn't my favorite movie, but it was free and I got to nibble popcorn and chocolate covered raisins with my dad and sis, so that was much enjoyed! The boys and I took a drive with Grandpa to see the house where he used to live out here in Cameron Park. We got pictures of him and the boys by the 2 redwoods he'd planted there. He was jazzed to see how big they were.

The boys had their first ever drive-in movie experience last weekend! There aren't any of these left in SD, so it was such a treat! It cost $6.50 each for John and me, and kids 11 and under are free! AND...they show 2 movies! We saw "The Last Mimzy" and "Music and Lyrics". Saylor and Stone fell asleep during M&L, but Sage held strong, even for the drive home and finally crashed only when we crawled into bed together. Crazy baby! The first movie started at 8, and the second at 10:15, so it was past midnight by the time we got home. Can't do that too often, we were all pooped the next day! But, it was fun! The boys started off the night on top of the suburban, curled into their pillows and a comforter, but then decided to join us inside for the remainder.

I've got some funky allergy irritation right now, so am popping the homeopathics and managing to get through the days. John is enjoying his job very much, and it seems all the guys he works with are quite nice. I'm taking the suburban to the chevy dealership today so they can look at our ac and the transmission while it's still under warranty. Hoping the dealership is close enough to target, so the boys and I can play with toys while they look it. I am THOROUGHLY enjoying each and every Trader Joe's shopping experience I have, and believe me, I have many! Why is it that you can load up on what you think will be the weeks worth of groceries, and then, literally, 3 days later, have a list of 8 things that you need already! Sheesh!!! Maybe I just lack some secret organization skill or something? Oh, well.

Alrighty, I think that I've made you read enough of my rambling for one sitting! Have a Blessed day, remember what you are Grateful for and take good care of You!

Generosity on the Road

Within the past 2 days, we have had 3 generous acts bestowed upon us.
The first:
A lovely little package arrived with the 3 boys names on it, return addy from our most wonderful camp hosts in Lake Elsinore, Nile and Lynda. Inside, the boys each find a die cast car, in egg shaped packaging, and a little ball shaped (soccer/football/basketball) egg filled with jelly beans. They also included a picture of themselves for each of the boys. The thing that almost brought tears to my eyes was the message in the card. It read: "We miss you guys!! Hope you are having fun in your new home. We love you- Nile and Lynda" Wow. I was so touched. When we left there a few Saturday mornings ago, we all unloaded out of the bus to give them hugs, the kids were so fond of them, and it appears our boys found a spot in their heart, as well. Looking forward to seeing them again on down the road somewhere!

The second:
We were outside playing (in the wind!) yesterday and our neighbor, Doug was on his way somewhere, but then noticed us outside, so popped back into his 5th wheel and then came out with 3 Chevron collector cars, 1 for each of our boys. He said they'd been collecting them forever, but have recently decided to get rid of them and start giving them to the grandkids, etc, and so wanted to give some to our boys! Cool! We've chatted quite a bit with Doug, who seems to be outside often with his lab while we're outside, too, so, as neighbors tend to do when they are outside at the same time, we visit. He's a very nice gentleman, and his wife is lovely, too! It's always a good thing to be parked beside such people!

The third:
Last week, we met Deborah, Hannah, and Tim. Deborah is in sales, so they have been traveling full time for 12 years or so. Hannah is 7, so when Deborah saw me, she "stalked me" (her words!) because she noticed I had some similar aged kids and her daughter was longing for some play time. They were here for a day last week, and then a day this week, so we did manage to get in a little time with them. Deborah and I hit it off rather quickly, and although we are living entirely different lifestyles (she's the breadwinner), we still had many things in common and it was interesting to keep finding things that made us more and more alike. Anyway, they were leaving yesterday, so as we were outside playing (in the wind! hehehe) she pulls up to say goodbye and hands me this bag and said "this is for your boys" and then she hands me this piece of 'spanish cheese' (that's what it was called at the deli) and said "and I got this for us". Spanish cheese tastes to be a mixture of dried fruits and nuts, it's very rich, but tasty.

So, life on the road goes on. People are wonderful, generous souls and I'm always so grateful to have met them. It's been one of my favorite parts about traveling like this, meeting all the amazing people that pop up along the way! Grateful, indeed...

March 14, 2007

Just a Quickie

The Wild Tribe has landed in Sacramento and after a few days of searching around, settled on the Cal Expo RV Park. It's not as 'wild' as we've always been lucky enough to find, it's rather quite 'citified'. However, it's nice and quiet and clean, so it'll do!

We are right beside a long and winding bike path, that runs right along the American River, so as you can guess, we'll be spending our days there dipping our toes in and searching for anything that moves!

John has had a couple of days off in the transition, so we're trying to enjoy having him around rather than panic about the lost income! :) It's a learning process for me all the time! Growth, growth and more growth! It's all good, right?

We are only able to access the wifi if we're in the office building here, so it'll be short and sweet posts and e-mailing for me for a while. We're planning on being here for a month and then the boys and I will head back to Rapid City for the summer, having John fly back a couple of times for visits. Trusting that will all go as it's meant to, and that we'll all do ok without each other.

We're off for a long bike ride now to seek out a spot to settle for the day by the river. Hope you all are having as much fun as we are!!!

March 9, 2007

A Few Days W.O.S.

Or, With Out Service...
So, we won't have an on-line presence for awhile. Our plans are to head out of here early tomorrow morning and park in John's new yard until we find that perfect spot that speaks to us, which are (in our case anyway) most easily found by just driving around and checking it out in real life!
We're planning a quick visit with Heather and River early this afternoon, and then we'll head over to Sue and Steve's to spend some time together and say our goodbye's (sniff...), but actually it'll just be 'see ya later's' as we know we'll spend more time with them somewhere along the road of life!
I'm squeezing in every last moment of e-mails and blogging and bill pay and tax form printing while I can as "the guy" will come soon to take away my box that has provided us so beautifully with 29.95 high speed internet while we've been here!
But, now I must say "Adios" and join my boys outside for some fun in the sun. (a few of us got some color yesterday)

Until next time my friends....

Our Girl & Good-bye Southern California

Yes, she's definitely a GIRL!!! I've gotta have some other Goddess energy around here! My mom took this really cool picture of the bus on Monday morning with the moon on it's way out. I love this picture, mostly because I know who took it! Thanks, mama!
We'll be leaving this special, peaceful place this weekend, heading up to Sacramento. I have so enjoyed my time here in this campground. We had *the* spot! So private and spacious and all to our very own. The campground is about 100 acres (I finally asked), and the whole time we've been here, it's been nearly deserted. We have loved our late night walks, our pecan harvesting, our lizard hunting, our sprinkler running and other many wonderful times we've had here. I will surely miss it, we all will. That's the thing about being somewhere for any length of time, you start to make connections, and plant yourself, whether you mean to or not. We now have connections with lots of great people from this area, and some very deep connections with new forever friends. We are counting down the days, only 1 more full day to spend here and then we're off. I've been avoiding that reality. It sort of feels like leaving home all over again. However, I am and will always be grateful for the time we spent here, for the connections made and the memories etched forever in my heart.

Swimming with the Whales

John's head is on the left, and you can plainly see what's just in front of him! We are extremely grateful to the gifts given to us that day by those generous whale souls!

Fun Sunday Pictures

Grandma and the Big Boys
Me and my three

Whale parts, as seen from shore!
Whale spray!

Way Cool Whale Watching!

Sunday was a big, full, fun and exciting day. We woke early to head to Long Beach for a whale watching tour (thanks again Mom and Curt!) We were on a nice big boat, so no icky sickies for any of us! whew! We were out for about 2 1/2 hours and just ready to head back to the dock, resigned to the fact that we weren't to see any whales. We saw lots of dolphins, some very close, and a couple of sea lions though, that was cool! We were all happy with that.....when, suddenly! Ahoy! A whale had been spotted. The captain cranked the boat back to the right and followed the whale's 'footprint' to see if she would resurface again. After a few long minutes, we did see just the tip of her back surface, and then her big tale come up as she descended again. It was so beautiful! We were all thankful to see it! The day before our tour, a whale was spotted and breeched (jumped out of the water, landing on its side) 22 times in a row. That would have been amazing to witness, but we were grateful for just the tale!

After the tour and a quick stop at Trader Joe's for a few things, including hummus and tortillas, which I am now addicted to, we headed to the beach to get our toes in the sand and surf. We'd been there just a short time, long enough to get everyone's shoes off and pants rolled up when I looked out a bit, probably 200 feet offshore or so, and noticed something bobbing up and down in the water. I pointed it out and asked John what it was and we all realized then we were looking at a mama and baby WHALE!!! We watched it for probably half an hour, just rolling around, seeing fins and backs and bellies and noses and blow spouts of water. A few people approached us, concerned that they were stuck there. They weren't moving out of that space at all, so we thought it might be possible? Long story short, John and 3 or 4 other guys walked out towards them. At one point John was probably 20-30 feet from them and only chest deep in the ocean. They stuck around for a while but then suddenly were gone. It was absolutely incredible and I was giddy watching them. (the boys watched them for a couple minutes, and then took off running some more! but every time a part of them came out of the water, my mom and I just squealed with delight!)

We all returned home to the bus pink cheeked and gleaming after such a fun day of cruising on a boat, seeing astonishing sea life, checking out the great homes around Long Beach (while listening to some authentic Long Beach music) and sharing in good conversation and laughter. It was a good, good day.

And my day just kept getting better! Sue offered me a massage so I dropped everyone off and hit the road to Temecula for a lovely massage at the hands of an even lovelier friend! (thank you again, Sue!) I returned home to an aromatic dinner (prepared by my mama-god love her!). Like I told her, it was a perfect end to a perfect day! Life is so dang Good!

My Sweet Mama

Grandma spent a week here with us in our happy hippy bus! We all fared great, even finding a place for her suitcase that was convenient and out of the way. We all had a great time while she was here, the boys especially enjoyed lots of cuddle time and playing with her. There are many things I thought about writing, always in the moment they were happening, but it's never easy to find the space to get to the laptop and put thoughts into words. So, I'll do my best to offer a bit of a re-cap of her week here with us.

We took a couple walks in the dark, under a beautiful full moon and starry sky. (Although this is usually lost on the boys who are happy running around like crazy people, even in the dark! But I always love to look up, when I'm not busy saying 'watch out for Sage'!) We spent some time digging in the old wood pile here looking for lizards. We saw many, but were only able to catch one, and GRANDMA was the one to catch it! :) She's so cool! We brought it home and it lived with us for a couple of days, then decided to make its way out of the lego box and back to the wild.

We had a full moon drum circle on Saturday night, inviting Sue, Steve and kids over. We ate, the kids ran (surprise, surprise!) we sat and chatted around the inviting fire, admired the full moon over the lake and did some drumming. The kids joined in off and on, but it was mostly the big people that were into it. It's always magical, how random rhythms created by many different people can create such beautiful noise. I love it, anyway!

We did a short hike the day before Grandma left. Our intention was to hike to the water fall, but we only made it as far as the first water crossing that was abundant with tadpoles and frogs. We'd brought our nets, and the boys were happy hanging there and exploring for hopping, squiggling things. The drive to Tenaja Falls was pretty. It's always great to see some wild places, especially around California where it seems to be swarming with people. Glad to see those places still exist. We played 20 questions on the drive back in from the hike, and did a lot of laughing together. We stopped at Sue and Steve's so mom could check out their pad and the nifty creek in their backyard, then headed back to the bus.

Grandma sprung for a couple movies, so we got the boys all set up with Open Season in a cozy little tent under the kitchen bar and we watched Babel, snuggled side by side on the fold out bed, dipping into the big popcorn bowl, and munching on chocolate covered almonds and cranberries that she'd picked up at Trader Joe's. Oh, YUM!!! As the movie was beginning, I was sensing the sadness from my mom that she'd be leaving the next day, just as she put her arm around me a gave me a kiss and a hug. I tried to remain cheerful, saying we didn't have to be sad when we said goodbye. And then I said "I can't blame you, though, who *would* want to leave this **partay** (giggle, giggle)!" That made her smile.
(as you may have noticed, John was missing from the above scene, he was in bed as he started the day shift when my mom arrived and has been working very long days since)

Of course, there were lots of other memories made while my mom was here, if only I could transmit them as they happen directly from my mind in to blogger. ...sigh... I guess they don't have any thought reading technology yet.

March 2, 2007


Maybe we *ARE* doing something right!!!! ;) Not that I need proof, I know my children are amazing human beings and will do amazing human being things now and as they grow older! I just love this powerful Scott Noelle message, I hope you see the truth in it, too!

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: The Wild Child ::

Domesticated animals confined to farms, zoos, and
similar unnatural habitats lack a certain "spark"
found in their wild counterparts. They've been bred or
trained to live apart from their nature. They've
adjusted to their lack of freedom.

Put a wild animal in a cage for the first time and
behold the fury! What else would you expect from a
creature who still knows it's supposed to be free?

Children are born free and wild, and they don't
readily submit to "domestication." And thank Goodness
for that! Because those who retain that spark are the
ones who will uplift humanity in generations to come.

Today, look for evidence of the spark of wildness in
your child... and *celebrate* it! Trust that s/he will
civilize in due time. And meantime, let that spark
ignite the flames of an authentic, passionate life.