March 9, 2007

Our Girl & Good-bye Southern California

Yes, she's definitely a GIRL!!! I've gotta have some other Goddess energy around here! My mom took this really cool picture of the bus on Monday morning with the moon on it's way out. I love this picture, mostly because I know who took it! Thanks, mama!
We'll be leaving this special, peaceful place this weekend, heading up to Sacramento. I have so enjoyed my time here in this campground. We had *the* spot! So private and spacious and all to our very own. The campground is about 100 acres (I finally asked), and the whole time we've been here, it's been nearly deserted. We have loved our late night walks, our pecan harvesting, our lizard hunting, our sprinkler running and other many wonderful times we've had here. I will surely miss it, we all will. That's the thing about being somewhere for any length of time, you start to make connections, and plant yourself, whether you mean to or not. We now have connections with lots of great people from this area, and some very deep connections with new forever friends. We are counting down the days, only 1 more full day to spend here and then we're off. I've been avoiding that reality. It sort of feels like leaving home all over again. However, I am and will always be grateful for the time we spent here, for the connections made and the memories etched forever in my heart.


Vicki said...

Wow! So Cal sure has been treating you guys good. I'm afraid Sacramento won't be as great, though. We spent a couple months there, at the KOA and it was very expensive, and dirty. The best part about Sacramento besides Old Town and the Zoo was camping out at Bodego Bay. This time of year should still be good for secluded spots, too.
We're heading to Colorado in a few days, happy travels! :)

Snavleys said...

Funny Karen that I opened your blog and read this wonderful message. I had a dream about you last night and you were miserable in my dream, don't know why I dreamt it, glad to hear everything is wonderful! Love the picture, what a great way to live huh? Be safe on your way to Sacremento, we sure think about you guys a lot!!

the Goddess diana said...

Good thing Sac's on the way to OR from SoCal, well kinda ;) At least I can hop on the 5 and get there directly! We shall be invading your space in just a few weeks-- mid April (wanna get to Life Is Good a bit early after visiting the grammas and the crazies in LA). Can't wait to see you for my own Self!! :) xoxoxoxoxo

Sue and Steve said...

We are so going to miss you all! I don't want to keep blogging about how wonderful you all are on my blog or the rest of my family and friends are going to get miffed and think, "Geez, what are we, chopped liver?"
But I continue to be amazed by how much fresh energy you've brought into our lives. It really is like an enlightenment experience -- oh, you mean I can live any way I want, I can follow my dreams now and not keep putting it off, I can respond to my kids like that instead of reacting as I usually do?
And weirdly enough, I'm not grieving as much as I thought I would, I'm feeling too much gratitude instead.
I told Maddie as you all were driving off the other night, "Well, that's the end of the first chapter of our friendship," and she asked, "What's the next chapter?"
I said, "That's the chapter where we're apart for a while."
"Oh, and then the next chapter is when we get to be together again," she said happily.
We'll miss you terribly until then,
Sue and Steve and Maddie and Harry

Sean said...

We enjoyed having you guys in the neighborhood! The kids and I will miss you. Please let us know how the travels go. Here's wishing we could make the change and do the same....