March 14, 2007

Just a Quickie

The Wild Tribe has landed in Sacramento and after a few days of searching around, settled on the Cal Expo RV Park. It's not as 'wild' as we've always been lucky enough to find, it's rather quite 'citified'. However, it's nice and quiet and clean, so it'll do!

We are right beside a long and winding bike path, that runs right along the American River, so as you can guess, we'll be spending our days there dipping our toes in and searching for anything that moves!

John has had a couple of days off in the transition, so we're trying to enjoy having him around rather than panic about the lost income! :) It's a learning process for me all the time! Growth, growth and more growth! It's all good, right?

We are only able to access the wifi if we're in the office building here, so it'll be short and sweet posts and e-mailing for me for a while. We're planning on being here for a month and then the boys and I will head back to Rapid City for the summer, having John fly back a couple of times for visits. Trusting that will all go as it's meant to, and that we'll all do ok without each other.

We're off for a long bike ride now to seek out a spot to settle for the day by the river. Hope you all are having as much fun as we are!!!

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JenBin said...

Glad you made it safely and know that we in Rapid miss you!