March 9, 2007

A Few Days W.O.S.

Or, With Out Service...
So, we won't have an on-line presence for awhile. Our plans are to head out of here early tomorrow morning and park in John's new yard until we find that perfect spot that speaks to us, which are (in our case anyway) most easily found by just driving around and checking it out in real life!
We're planning a quick visit with Heather and River early this afternoon, and then we'll head over to Sue and Steve's to spend some time together and say our goodbye's (sniff...), but actually it'll just be 'see ya later's' as we know we'll spend more time with them somewhere along the road of life!
I'm squeezing in every last moment of e-mails and blogging and bill pay and tax form printing while I can as "the guy" will come soon to take away my box that has provided us so beautifully with 29.95 high speed internet while we've been here!
But, now I must say "Adios" and join my boys outside for some fun in the sun. (a few of us got some color yesterday)

Until next time my friends....

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