March 29, 2007

Generosity on the Road

Within the past 2 days, we have had 3 generous acts bestowed upon us.
The first:
A lovely little package arrived with the 3 boys names on it, return addy from our most wonderful camp hosts in Lake Elsinore, Nile and Lynda. Inside, the boys each find a die cast car, in egg shaped packaging, and a little ball shaped (soccer/football/basketball) egg filled with jelly beans. They also included a picture of themselves for each of the boys. The thing that almost brought tears to my eyes was the message in the card. It read: "We miss you guys!! Hope you are having fun in your new home. We love you- Nile and Lynda" Wow. I was so touched. When we left there a few Saturday mornings ago, we all unloaded out of the bus to give them hugs, the kids were so fond of them, and it appears our boys found a spot in their heart, as well. Looking forward to seeing them again on down the road somewhere!

The second:
We were outside playing (in the wind!) yesterday and our neighbor, Doug was on his way somewhere, but then noticed us outside, so popped back into his 5th wheel and then came out with 3 Chevron collector cars, 1 for each of our boys. He said they'd been collecting them forever, but have recently decided to get rid of them and start giving them to the grandkids, etc, and so wanted to give some to our boys! Cool! We've chatted quite a bit with Doug, who seems to be outside often with his lab while we're outside, too, so, as neighbors tend to do when they are outside at the same time, we visit. He's a very nice gentleman, and his wife is lovely, too! It's always a good thing to be parked beside such people!

The third:
Last week, we met Deborah, Hannah, and Tim. Deborah is in sales, so they have been traveling full time for 12 years or so. Hannah is 7, so when Deborah saw me, she "stalked me" (her words!) because she noticed I had some similar aged kids and her daughter was longing for some play time. They were here for a day last week, and then a day this week, so we did manage to get in a little time with them. Deborah and I hit it off rather quickly, and although we are living entirely different lifestyles (she's the breadwinner), we still had many things in common and it was interesting to keep finding things that made us more and more alike. Anyway, they were leaving yesterday, so as we were outside playing (in the wind! hehehe) she pulls up to say goodbye and hands me this bag and said "this is for your boys" and then she hands me this piece of 'spanish cheese' (that's what it was called at the deli) and said "and I got this for us". Spanish cheese tastes to be a mixture of dried fruits and nuts, it's very rich, but tasty.

So, life on the road goes on. People are wonderful, generous souls and I'm always so grateful to have met them. It's been one of my favorite parts about traveling like this, meeting all the amazing people that pop up along the way! Grateful, indeed...

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