January 13, 2013

wherever you go there you are

Karen-fucius say: "Life is like a crab...pretty and interesting but can pinch if you're not paying attention."

Nearing our two-month mark here in Costa Rica and noticing a couple of things:

1.  Life is life.  No matter where we spend our time.

  • Gotta get the groceries.
  • Kids pick and poke at each other.
  • The toilet needs scrubbed.
  • Your spouse is still the imperfect human you married.

2.  Given the fact that we are in an entirely new and unfamiliar country, the four indented points above have now become even more complicated, adding layers to already (perceived) unpleasant situations.

I'm so grateful that we are here, don't get me wrong.  I recognize what a luxury this is and that it's something that most people only dream of doing.

It would be easy to carry on like all is peachy and it's just a dreamy, dreamy life all day every day.  I could simply post beautiful pictures of smiling faces and amazing scenery and paint the picture of perfection.

But that would only be 1/2 of the story.

Some days suck.  Some days we're all big assholes to each other and carry on like a bunch of snot-nosed-mean-spirited-brats.  Damn that thing called being human!

I find that if I can let go of my expectations, I have better days.  We certainly all came here with plenty of expectations.  I think (I hope) that will end up being the greatest thing we take from this experience; letting go of our own expectations.  Life is better without them, this I know for sure.

Expectations = Resentments.

No doubt about it.

Thank you, Life, for bringing this experience to me so that I may learn ... (and re-learn and re-learn!)
... that I can let go.

That it's safe to Let Go.

That life is so much better and more beautiful and easier when I remember to LET GO.