February 19, 2010

Just to make you giggle!

A friend came to play recently and forgot to take her wig with her when she left. We had some fun with it.

For Today...

...since that's all we really have.

The boys are snuggled up watching Dino Squad episodes (thank you NetFlix/Watch Instantly option!) and eating fluffy scrambled eggs, made by their mama with a joyful heart. And it feels oh so much better that way. I've been wandering down that evil road lately, you know the one...the one that's got it's own original soundtrack labeled "Old Tapes That Run Through Your Mind and Threaten All That is Possible"... the road, the steps that have the words and phrases running through my head that sound a little like this...(read in your best, is me voice)... "I'm cooking all day. Nobody ever helps me. I'm bothered by this cluttered, messy house. Why can't you just do what I say?...and on, and on, and on. Yick. Yuck. Blah.

What I continue to learn, and evidently need frequent reminders about, is that I have a choice. Wow! I truly, really, honestly have a CHOICE about how I want to BE, about *who* I want to ****BE**** with my children.

So, I happily scramble up the local, farm fresh brown eggs for my sweet sons. (2 separate batches, because of a late riser). And yes, honey, I would love to help you find something on Netflix to watch. And guess what...I'm instantly rewarded (because who doesn't like rewards...again, yuck, but a whole separate post). Perhaps I should say that I instantly Feeeeel the Love and Gratitude from my boys, and it feels mighty nice. I like this road.

I'd planned to do a couple errands this morning while everyone slept, but decided to wait around to see if anyone would like to join me. Nope. They're good right where they are. So, the girl (presently snoozing in the sling next to my heart...ahhh...) will go and do the necessary running around while the boys get to do exactly what they want to do, too. Gotta love a life that allows for all of our needs to be met!