January 23, 2008

Birthday Photos

The Fab 5!
On Saylor's 9th birthday, spending time in the Beautiful Black Hills. The ice captured everyone for a long time, so we spent a good amount of time here, breaking ice, sliding on ice, taking pictures on ice.
I'm 9!
My *beautiful boys*, each and every one!
Sage had to ascend a big rock, just like his brothers. Saylor convinced me to climb on up, too, but that doesn't make as cute of a picture.
...sigh...sweet love...
Atop the big rock, King of the Mountain!Mmmm, lazing in the sun.
After our yummy deep fried, delightful lunch at the Sugar Shack, who touts itself to have the "Best Burger in the Hills" (and I think they're right), we continued on upward, to a stunning little snow-storm. We pulled over here to try our hand at some fishing, and this was such a beautiful shot, looking up the road and through this canyon. Remember, this was taken the same day as the one of Stone above, who's lying in the SUN. Yes, that's SD weather.
Saylor's tucked in here waiting for a bite.
It's snowing!

January 11, 2008


Exactly 9 years, 2 hours and 10 minutes ago, our original Beautiful Boy blessed us with his arrival. We knew not that he was a boy or girl. Why ruin the *ultimate* surprise? What we did know; that if we were having a son, he would be our Saylor. And so it was.

As we said good-night to each other last night, Saylor and I reveled in his "last day of being 8" shine. I stared at him, and stared some more. He's such an amazing, unique, special, Beautiful Boy, indeed.

And so today, he's requested breakfast in bed (at 8:30, please). On the menu:
dippy eggs
hash browns
hot chocolate

Then, we'll set out to spend a day in the woods. We're taking fishing poles, (more) hot chocolate, a couple field guides on plants in our area, the family, our curiosity and imagination. What more do we need?

Saylor's original plan was to go play at Flags and Wheels, an indoor go-cart place with laser tag, paint ball, stuff like that. Then, he imagined how much more fun it would be to go hiking and fishing and see if we can find any berries or wild plants to eat. He's been very interested in edible plants lately, and although it's winter, the wild life has to be eating something, right? We'll find something to eat, no doubt. He's adventurous!

We'll do lunch somewhere up in the hills, and stop and go, with Saylor at the wheel. It's his day. Whatever he wants to do, we're honored to tag along.