January 23, 2008

Birthday Photos

The Fab 5!
On Saylor's 9th birthday, spending time in the Beautiful Black Hills. The ice captured everyone for a long time, so we spent a good amount of time here, breaking ice, sliding on ice, taking pictures on ice.
I'm 9!
My *beautiful boys*, each and every one!
Sage had to ascend a big rock, just like his brothers. Saylor convinced me to climb on up, too, but that doesn't make as cute of a picture.
...sigh...sweet love...


Heather said...

Great photos!!!! Thanks for sharing your special family moments.

I wish there were a way to have it all right now. :) I love being at home but I am loving being with family, too. I really miss my honey!! I'm glad u all were together on S's b-day!

Snavleys said...

Such a beautiful family Karen! what a fun birthday!

chas said...

what a great birthday. i love your family. happy birthday to saylor. i wish i could have been there. REALLY! i miss the black hills. hope all is well...love from chas... and colette and luta and igmu and the foster cat fatou and dc (um well most of it! HA! )