December 21, 2008

One more picture

I almost forgot to put this one up, but I just had to. It really was the tastiest cotton candy I think I've ever had. Cherry flavored. Makes for a great bloody vampire photo!

And right this very second...

I'm blogging while in motion. Heading to my mama's house in Reno, NV.

130 miles to go...

Blessings One and All!
Our favorite Utah people! We love you guys, thanks for a rockin' (or should I say 'rollin'?) good time! I can't remember the last time I've laughed so much.

Yep, here we are at yet another skate rink; this one in Layton, UT. I told you we were into it! We're considering doing the 'roller rink' circuit. We may be coming to one near *You*! The boys each invested in a nice pair of roller blades, but I sorta dig the old school, scrappy looking roller skates for rent at each rink. I'm sticking with those. It's great exercise and all around goodness for the soul. Have you been lately? You should! I giggle the whole time I'm out there. Good Stuff! Rita's behind the camera; she couldn't skate - injured rib. Next time, girl!
The old man and the ding dong (Rita's words!) Brothers...aren't they sweet?
Aunt Rita chillin' with the boys. (in a quiet moment between laughing her a** off at above mentioned brothers)
Uncle George...

Unschooling Moms Extraodinairre

Always a beautiful thing when spending time with other gentle, respectful, lovely mama's! Meet Jill, Sue, and yours truly...

Sue (center) was our host for a few days in Fort Collins, along with her man Steve and darling kiddos, Maddie and Harry. The weather was cold, so it inspired us to spend snuggly time indoors, drinking lots of coffee, and playing games I'd never heard of. Saylor and John constructed a couple of guillotines (one from lego's, another from wood and a real razor) after Sue and I played a game of the same name.

We had the Wii and PS2 plugged in for all to enjoy, and the boys had such fun playing WoW with other kids. We also did a round of roller skating at a local rink for the homeschool skate day. WHAT FUN!!! I used to skate *all* the time when I was a kid; now I get to watch my boys get into it. And getting into it, they are! We enjoyed our FoCo time; even ventured out to check out the downtown area and grabbed us up a mini set of prayer flags for the inside of the bus, along with a Bob Marley bumper sticker. And we supported a downtown coffee shop while enjoying a cup of coffee, some hot chocolate and a panini. Tasty Memories all around...
The weather warmed slightly while we were in Fort Collins, so we ventured out to enjoy the fresh air. We saw a fox on our walk, strutting along the frozen canal, keeping a close eye on us. The kids then discovered what had to have been a fox den; a hole within a large stand of bushes, complete with fox poop a-plenty.
John and Steve singing...can't remember which song now, but trust me when I say, they were groovin' baby!

Eagle really, really wanted to light a whole bunch of candles and then dance around the we did. She orchestrated us all by having us gather in a circle around the table, hold hands, and then do the little foot thing as we danced around. WONDERFUL!!! It was our early Solstice celebration of Light! :)
The boys spent lots of time playing Heroscape. They all especially enjoyed John's participation. He is a fun guy, after all.

December 12, 2008

The Grandest of Grand houses...a kid's dream, I tell you! And this house just happens to be stocked very well to keep children of any age entertained for a long, long time!

Preparing the water rockets.

Adding the pressure necessary to make it FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn't quick enough to get the bottle leaving the launch pad, but I did get this cool shot of the water escaping. Can you see it?

Still in Sturgis

We have had the best time here with the family we're parked with. Their 4 children are sweet and fun, and our boys are just enjoying their time with them. They've been very busy and involved in a wide array of activities; from water rockets to Heroscape; from playing duets on the piano to sledding and fort building. The boys would stay here two weeks more, if only the weather would hold for them. It's going to hit single digits on Sunday, so our plan is to roll westward Saturday morning. Fort Collins will be chilly, but still in the 30's. We can do that.

It's been such a wonderful thing to just be here. I love that our trip is much more about the *journey* rather than the *destination*. We aren't (for maybe the first time, ever) in a big rush, or under some strict schedule to get where we're going. Instead, we get to spend time with friends and family along the way. Don't get me wrong, we're all ready to see the ocean and run on the beach, no doubt about it. But, we're not missing the goodness that's in front of us right now in a haste to make it there.

Last night, it was the five of us sleeping in the bus, and two of the house children; Bear (14yo boy), and Eagle (5yo girl). Eagle loves the bus, and really thinks they ought to live in one someday. Timo (8yo boy) has spent a couple of nights out here, as well, but prefers his own bed. He's just a sweet enough kid to humor Saylor's request...or sleep out here. Wind (2yo boy) has spent time out here reading with me or munching popcorn, but sleep time happens with mama and papa. The first night we got here, though, he said he was going to sleep with us, so we all crawled the many flights of stairs leading to the attic and got into bed (he and Eagle and Saylor were sharing a bed) but then after the lights were out, he got to thinking it maybe wasn't such a good idea. He's SO DARN cute...and he likes me! Bonus! :) So, I've been spending most of my time with Sage (who is trying his very best to share his mama Graciously), Eagle and Wind. Three of my favorite people!

Right now, Bear is reading _The Tales of Beedle the Bard_ to Saylor, Stone, Sage and Eagle. I'm sure they've got snow time planned for today. There was talk last night of working more on their snow forts.

Enjoy your day!

December 1, 2008

Stress Relief

This is mine! :)

We're chugging right along. Most of our things are in our rented storage unit, other things are finding their way into the bus. Emma spent the night last night, so the kids have been playing today. I cried last night, thinking of leaving her, even if it is for an extended travel. I've so loved having her be such a part of our lives, and I'm feeling bummed about the memories we won't be making for a while. I'm feeling better about it today.

John has been working incredibly hard for the last two weeks. He amazes me at how efficiently he gets things done and doesn't even complain at all. I'm a lucky girl!

Ok, break's over!

Back at it...