December 21, 2008

Our favorite Utah people! We love you guys, thanks for a rockin' (or should I say 'rollin'?) good time! I can't remember the last time I've laughed so much.

Yep, here we are at yet another skate rink; this one in Layton, UT. I told you we were into it! We're considering doing the 'roller rink' circuit. We may be coming to one near *You*! The boys each invested in a nice pair of roller blades, but I sorta dig the old school, scrappy looking roller skates for rent at each rink. I'm sticking with those. It's great exercise and all around goodness for the soul. Have you been lately? You should! I giggle the whole time I'm out there. Good Stuff! Rita's behind the camera; she couldn't skate - injured rib. Next time, girl!
The old man and the ding dong (Rita's words!) Brothers...aren't they sweet?
Aunt Rita chillin' with the boys. (in a quiet moment between laughing her a** off at above mentioned brothers)
Uncle George...

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Rita N Geo said...

we love you guys and are soooooo glad you stopped!!! it was AWESOME! We can't wait to see you again....sooner than later! MERRY CHRISTMAS! take care and we will talk to ya soon. liv had the best time with you all and i think geo and i had just as good if not more fun laughing at everything!!!