December 12, 2008

Still in Sturgis

We have had the best time here with the family we're parked with. Their 4 children are sweet and fun, and our boys are just enjoying their time with them. They've been very busy and involved in a wide array of activities; from water rockets to Heroscape; from playing duets on the piano to sledding and fort building. The boys would stay here two weeks more, if only the weather would hold for them. It's going to hit single digits on Sunday, so our plan is to roll westward Saturday morning. Fort Collins will be chilly, but still in the 30's. We can do that.

It's been such a wonderful thing to just be here. I love that our trip is much more about the *journey* rather than the *destination*. We aren't (for maybe the first time, ever) in a big rush, or under some strict schedule to get where we're going. Instead, we get to spend time with friends and family along the way. Don't get me wrong, we're all ready to see the ocean and run on the beach, no doubt about it. But, we're not missing the goodness that's in front of us right now in a haste to make it there.

Last night, it was the five of us sleeping in the bus, and two of the house children; Bear (14yo boy), and Eagle (5yo girl). Eagle loves the bus, and really thinks they ought to live in one someday. Timo (8yo boy) has spent a couple of nights out here, as well, but prefers his own bed. He's just a sweet enough kid to humor Saylor's request...or sleep out here. Wind (2yo boy) has spent time out here reading with me or munching popcorn, but sleep time happens with mama and papa. The first night we got here, though, he said he was going to sleep with us, so we all crawled the many flights of stairs leading to the attic and got into bed (he and Eagle and Saylor were sharing a bed) but then after the lights were out, he got to thinking it maybe wasn't such a good idea. He's SO DARN cute...and he likes me! Bonus! :) So, I've been spending most of my time with Sage (who is trying his very best to share his mama Graciously), Eagle and Wind. Three of my favorite people!

Right now, Bear is reading _The Tales of Beedle the Bard_ to Saylor, Stone, Sage and Eagle. I'm sure they've got snow time planned for today. There was talk last night of working more on their snow forts.

Enjoy your day!

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Sue said...

We can't wait to see you guys this weekend!