December 21, 2008

The weather warmed slightly while we were in Fort Collins, so we ventured out to enjoy the fresh air. We saw a fox on our walk, strutting along the frozen canal, keeping a close eye on us. The kids then discovered what had to have been a fox den; a hole within a large stand of bushes, complete with fox poop a-plenty.
John and Steve singing...can't remember which song now, but trust me when I say, they were groovin' baby!

Eagle really, really wanted to light a whole bunch of candles and then dance around the we did. She orchestrated us all by having us gather in a circle around the table, hold hands, and then do the little foot thing as we danced around. WONDERFUL!!! It was our early Solstice celebration of Light! :)
The boys spent lots of time playing Heroscape. They all especially enjoyed John's participation. He is a fun guy, after all.

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