February 24, 2009

... re-appearing...

We're still here, just had one of the most fun, crazy weekends running wild with other FOTR'ers (FamiliesOnTheRoad). If I were to try to include every detail, I could write a small book. The short of it goes something like this. Imagine 14 families (71 people total, 38 of these people are children) descending upon a southern california resort. There's a swimming pool, a beach, kayaks, nightly singing around the bonfire, drum circles, strumming guitars, loads of laughter, peaceful people, shiny children, glow sticks, pot lucks, and impromptu communal eating...

I really could go on, but what I'll remember most about this weekend is the *extraordinary* people that gathered here, more ~forever friends~... The children were interesting, funny, kind, compassionate. The teens inspire me to love me just the way I am (ya, there was a rockin' cool group of teens, here, TOO! I'm telling you, we had it *all*!)

It was our first FOTR rally, and we'll surely be seeking out others along the way. We're pulling out of Newport Dunes today, but continuing our own little rally of sorts, as we're traveling with a couple others families for the next couple weeks. Our tentative plan is to head to Oceanside Harbour today (cheap boondocking on beach), then on to Slab City, and then jog up to Joshua Tree. Promises to be a gooooood time! :)

I have lots of pictures from the weekend, they're just not on the lap top yet. I'll get some up the next time I can pull myself away from the fun long enough to do so.

Hope you're enjoying your life, wherever you may be...

February 16, 2009

Bolsa Chica

We arrived at Bolsa Chica State Beach (Huntington Beach, CA) on Monday evening. The weather has been a bit on the cool side; 10 to 15 degrees below normal....DANG IT! But, we're still having a nice time, so don't feel too sorry for us! ;) We've got a view of the ocean from where we're parked, and are a few short steps away from the beach. The sand hasn't been too much of an issue (i was kinda worried about sand). I guess we've slipped into a little system that seems to be working well to keep it under control. I'm wearing pajamas to bed ( i never wear pj's) but by doing so, I don't feel the sand on my legs all night, so that's my major help.

We met this interesting family (one of the many people we meet on the road, who I like to call "beautiful souls") on our first morning at Bolsa Chica. Meet Laura, Dave and Lily. Laura lived in Nepal for 7 years, as well as traveling far and wide to other places, and now sells fairly traded beaded bracelets that are hand-made by women in a Katmandu village. Shoot, I can't seem to find their website right now, but will link to it as soon as I find it!

On Thursday, John and Saylor went to wash the car and check out some surf shops. As fate would have it, a lovely surf instructor happened to walk into the shop they were browsing, and asked if they wanted to go surfing. HELLS YA! So, they made a stop back here to pick the rest of us up, and we met Richard (whose real name is a Hawaiian one that I can't recall at present; he goes by Richard here, because "it's just easier") at a private little spot just down the coast a bit. He brought the boards and the wetsuits, and gave John and Saylor each a brief lesson.

After everyone was sufficiently worn out and chilly, we followed Rich to pick up his son (newly 6) from kindergarten, and then went to have lunch at a local pizzeria (which was SO good, and SO cheap! kids even eat free on Thursdays! Gee, our lucky day, all around!) We invited them over for dinner last night, and enjoyed their company and conversation.

We'll be heading to Newport Dunes tomorrow and will be there for a week playing and exploring with other families on the road.

And of course, we're hoping to do lots more surfing. I didn't try it yet, too cold for me on that day and I've been fighting off a sore throat. But I'll give it a try, no doubt about it.

As I prepare to publish this post, it's pouring down rain here, so we're all finding quiet (ha! ha!), indoor things to do today. Saylor is making himself a cup of hot tea, and Stone and Sage are building a gigantic pillow fort on the back bed.

Sending Peace and Love to one and all.....

Boys on the Surf

Saylor and Rich heading out for Saylor's first wave.

And here he is! He popped up and rode the wave all the way to shore on his FIRST shot!

Every time he popped up, he stayed up and rode it all the way in. I could be heard shouting and cheering excitedly from shore! :)

John's been surfing a couple other times in his life, but this was his first time with someone offering a 'lesson'. It was helpful, I think. He admits that Saylor did way better than he did! But he still had fun and can't wait to do it again.

February 11, 2009

Film History Museum

We visited the local film history museum and learned all about Nudie! Have you heard about Nudie? Sounds like quite a guy! He made very jazzy, sparkly, embellished suits for lots and lots of famous people. This is his car. It was used in an Arnold Schwarzenegger film, the one with Danny Devito...? Can't remember the name now.

The creek that ran through the campground (Turtle Creek). We were backed up to it, and could hear it rushing by, even from inside the bus. Relaxing... The creek was cooooold! John jumped in it and did a super quick wash job, though. We all laughed our a**es off at his panicky sounds of pain. Saylor and Stone considered it, but changed their minds after they witnessed Dad's experience.
Of course, on the day we pulled out of here and finally got around to taking a picture, fog covered Mt. Whitney. Oh well. You'll just have to take my word for it, it was *right there* behind us.

Lone Pine

That is *so* Punk Rock!

Climbing in the Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California

Hundreds of 'B' Westerns were filmed in this area, as well as some more modern films, including Tremors and scenes from Iron Man. Lots of commercials filmed here, also, like the toyota tundra one with the giant teeter totter.

This particular area was used in the filming of Gunga Din, a story that takes place in India. I've never heard of that film, but we'll have to check it out, now!

The boys caught this lizard while we were parked at Turtle Creek Campground, just outside of Lone Pine, CA. We were the only ones in the campground, besides the camp hosts, and we were right in the shadow of the highest peak in the lower 48 states, Mt. Whitney, which is nearly 15,000 ft. Since there were no hook-ups at Turtle Creek, we boondocked. For $5 a night, not too bad.

Bishop Boulders

February 10, 2009

Additional photos from hot springs

Of course we didn't swim there only once... here are a few more shots of fun, this time with goggles. The boys love their goggles, and enjoyed searching the pool bottom for sparkly things.

February 2, 2009

Great Reasons for Traveling!

... opportunities to soar to new heights...

... an everchanging backyard...

... signs that lead the way...