February 16, 2009

Boys on the Surf

Saylor and Rich heading out for Saylor's first wave.

And here he is! He popped up and rode the wave all the way to shore on his FIRST shot!

Every time he popped up, he stayed up and rode it all the way in. I could be heard shouting and cheering excitedly from shore! :)

John's been surfing a couple other times in his life, but this was his first time with someone offering a 'lesson'. It was helpful, I think. He admits that Saylor did way better than he did! But he still had fun and can't wait to do it again.


kelli said...

oh my gosh, that's so awesome!! yay! Tell them I'm clapping for them :)

Vicki said...

That is so awesome!!

Joey dreams of the day he surfs with his boys...right on!

Alex Polikowsky said...

So cool! If you guys head up to Santa Cruz let me know cause my brother lives there. He is a big time surfer. Has two boys I think 11 and 9?? His wife is a yoga teacher and does Heike. He installs solar panels for a living and they homeschool both boys. They live by the Santa Cruz boardwalk and are really cool people.

Brenda said...

So cool that you guys got to surf just like you were wanting to!!! I hope all is well!