March 29, 2007

A Bit of a Run-Down

Since I haven't been present online for a while, I've been unable to blog about what we're doing, so, in order to spare you every DETAIL about every THING we've done, I'll do a short run down of the last couple of weeks. (I'm sure I won't manage to remember it all, I am a mother of 3 and you know how that zaps the brain cells!)

My dad was out here for a visit, drove out from Custer, SD. While he was here, he brought a whopping huge chunk of tuna over and we grilled it up here at the bus, with some brown rice and a salad and a nice bottle of vino. Megan, Dad, John, myself and the boys all shared a lovely meal together. The next night, I had a movie date with Dad and Megan! Yippee, I enjoyed that a whole lot! Megan had some free tickets to see "Blades of Glory" as part of a pre-release showing deal. It wasn't my favorite movie, but it was free and I got to nibble popcorn and chocolate covered raisins with my dad and sis, so that was much enjoyed! The boys and I took a drive with Grandpa to see the house where he used to live out here in Cameron Park. We got pictures of him and the boys by the 2 redwoods he'd planted there. He was jazzed to see how big they were.

The boys had their first ever drive-in movie experience last weekend! There aren't any of these left in SD, so it was such a treat! It cost $6.50 each for John and me, and kids 11 and under are free! AND...they show 2 movies! We saw "The Last Mimzy" and "Music and Lyrics". Saylor and Stone fell asleep during M&L, but Sage held strong, even for the drive home and finally crashed only when we crawled into bed together. Crazy baby! The first movie started at 8, and the second at 10:15, so it was past midnight by the time we got home. Can't do that too often, we were all pooped the next day! But, it was fun! The boys started off the night on top of the suburban, curled into their pillows and a comforter, but then decided to join us inside for the remainder.

I've got some funky allergy irritation right now, so am popping the homeopathics and managing to get through the days. John is enjoying his job very much, and it seems all the guys he works with are quite nice. I'm taking the suburban to the chevy dealership today so they can look at our ac and the transmission while it's still under warranty. Hoping the dealership is close enough to target, so the boys and I can play with toys while they look it. I am THOROUGHLY enjoying each and every Trader Joe's shopping experience I have, and believe me, I have many! Why is it that you can load up on what you think will be the weeks worth of groceries, and then, literally, 3 days later, have a list of 8 things that you need already! Sheesh!!! Maybe I just lack some secret organization skill or something? Oh, well.

Alrighty, I think that I've made you read enough of my rambling for one sitting! Have a Blessed day, remember what you are Grateful for and take good care of You!


The Arnolds said...

Good to have you back onblog! Missed you.

Sean said...

Nice to see an update! Glad you guys are having a great time. We should have taken you to the drive in down this way (there are three I know of) Same deal two movies for $6 or so...

Amy said...


It's so good to hear your voice again! I'm so glad your boys were able to experience the drive in! There are actually a couple left in South Dakota. One is in Mitchell, which we regularly attended while we lived there. We still go up once or twice a summer depending on what's showing. I think there might be another up in Redfield. We've also been to the drive in at Luverne (MN), which draws a big crowd from SF. We're looking forward to all of the movies this summer!