March 26, 2011


We're spending the day lazing around, mostly. I"ve spent some time playing around with a free webinar service that we can use for the coop help our members becoming more familiar with our on line ordering procedures and stuff like that>

and now<> or an apostrophe " this is what i get> sHIT!!! And my letters will become upper case for no reason, at random times. shhhh. Don't tell John. Saylor and I just got done 'damaging' (oh! look, it's working now!) John's computer using uTorrent. Evidently, we invited in a nasty little infection. But. Fred (fixmycomputer) fixed her up for us. Next time, we'll just save the $95 and buy the movie we want. :)

John is scheduled to start his first mill job of the season on Monday. However, we now have 2 inches of snow on the ground, so that may get pushed back a bit.

Our life is buzzing right along, ever so sweetly. John and I were just talking about how content we feel right now. It's wonderfully wonderful. I love that we have such real conversations. We're both comfortable with sharing our feelings and that is what makes our relationship so special, I believe.

The other night, while laying in bed trying to go to sleep (on a night when I had to have my alarm set for a wake-up the next morning, so naturally, could NOT fall asleep), I decided to start a blog for each of the children. I wonder if they show up automatically within this little place (like in my profile somewhere?) or perhaps I should link to them here, too?

Ya. That's what I'll do. I'll put them here, and then I'll add them to my sidebar.

John's watching "Thumbs Up", and I'm listening in. Sounds interesting. It's about hitchhiking.

Ok, so John is giving me crap about... "what, now are you going to become a rolling reporter? someday you'll have to actually interact with your kids" -- because I'm giving a play by play here.

I'm gonna go now. Interact with my kids. :)

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

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