April 17, 2006

In the Creek

Today was a beautiful, beautiful day! Zanskar and Teo spent the morning with us, then we all headed to Sioux Park for a bit before Poppy came to pick up the twins. Sage fell asleep en route, so slept in the sling for a quick nappy before waking up to dicover where we were, then of course, he was off and running!
The boys meandered their way down towards this very shallow spot of creek, and waded around in it for a while with a couple of others brothers that were there. They were so into finding all kinds of different, intersting rocks, and then chucking them down stream. My wonderful Stoney boy couldn't resist the temptation to lay in the water, so he did. In all his glory, there he was, fully clothed, tummy down and loving it! I'm sure it had to be chilly, it is only April after all! But, they enjoyed it, and I enjoyed watching! Sage stayed close to the edge and also reveled in the chucking of the rocks! It was 82 degrees today!

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