April 18, 2006


It was 32 degrees today! And windy, and snowing, and raining, and then snowing, then some rain, and a little hail thrown in there for good measure! Oh, and lots more wind. Gusts up to 70+ miles an hour, I heard. We had to take Max to the vet for a check, he's got a funky little cough, but he's on the mend, now. Nothing serious. He's been quite happy sleeping on his dog bed inside by the door. We've got the fireplace going today, so snug and cozy it is here! I love these kinds of days. Excuses to NOT go outside of the house, and just have to hang out and veg together. When the weather is good, the boys are outside all the time, so it's harder to keep up with them sometimes, and they would rather be hanging outside than inside with their boring old mama, so I like it when they're stuck with me! hehehehe!
During dinner we had a very cool conversation about having babies at home versus hospital, and also breastfeeding. Saylor asked me "what did your grandma do with you?" (What he meant was "what did his grandma do with me?) I shared what I knew. That I was breastfed for about 3 weeks, and then fed with a bottle. Then Stone shared how much he loved nursing, and was proud to tell Saylor that he even still knows HOW to do it! Saylor responded by saying, "you do? i don't remember how anymore" Then Stone sat there and gave him step by step directions, demonstrating with his cute little lips on this invisible air nipple. It was adorable! Then, suddenly Stone says, "Yeah, I loved nursing! Maybe I could nurse right now!" And of course I said, "you can nurse whenever you want". So, he gave it a try right there at the dinner table. I wonder sometimes if his need was fully met? He definitely has a boobie fettish. My beautiful boy!

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