April 2, 2009

Pictures from Mayflower Co. Park

Our Big Backyard... just beyond the lagoon that you see here, is the Colorado River, and a small beach upon which we spent nearly every day...

The boys discovered some large fish that had made their way into the lagoon, and so wouldn't be convinced to take a break until they actually *netted* one. Here you have it!

Saylor and Dustin; Dustin is the biologist who was here researching the lagoon area and who's vowed to us to do whatever he can to NOT let them dredge the area. The crazy noise that comes from this area every evening, did, indeed, turn out to be a toad. The Colorado Toad, to be exact. Loud little buggers!

Saylor and Erin making hummus

A friendly game of Chinese checkers... Sage, Yewan, Holden and John

Captivated by one of John's crazy, yet quite entertaining (i laugh every time i hear one, and i've heard them all dozens of times) stories from his childhood

Andrew celebrated his birthday while we were here! Between Erin and I, we were able to scrape together a cake, which was quite tasty with her scrumptious frosting...cashew butter, maple syrup mixture

The boys are gathering here to watch John and Andrew come floating on down the river.

John hauled our umbrella down the first day we were here, and this is where it stayed the entire two weeks, chairs and all. Nobody bothered them, and they were available whenever we needed them. The baby sure appreciated the shade! Thanks, honey!


the platts said...

you guys look like you've been busy having fun! where are headed to next?

Sean said...

That is one big fish...

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Hope you're having fun!!!! We are loving our new ride, wild mama!!!! Hope John passed on that hug from me and Alex.

Alex Polikowsky said...

Hey almost a month without any news...? miss you guys!