July 9, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

That's what you title your post when you can't think of anything creative! ;)

We're good here. Busy as ever, spending every minute possible either outside, at the park, at the pool and/or with friends. I've begun a part-time position at our local food co-op as its coordinator. The boys get to hang out with some groovy cool baby-sitters while I'm there, so everyone seems happy with the situation.

Stone has a new kitten. Her name is Ruka. Saylor has new dog, his name is Scruff. (photos soon, promise!)

John's busy with his construction season in Minnesota. We had a nice 4th weekend, even squeezed in a date to go listen to some live music at the Heritage Festival.

Our house is still on the market. I'm still so undecided on which way I want this to go, so I simply don't really care how it goes. Not in an apathetic kind of way, just in a "whatever happens is going to be great" kinda way.

So little time to write about what we're up to, because we're just always up to something so time is short. I can either write here, or do things like keep my boys fed and in clean clothes! :) I know, it's a tough choice. I am doing my best to keep up with other blogs, though.

Life is good here! Hoping it's the same for you...


Jack said...

How long have you kept the house on the market? Will be following your lead soon enough! :)

Take care,



Heather said...

Good luck on the house sale. I am always thinking of you and keeping your spirit in my heart. You are a one of a kind! Keep lovin' those boys and being a such a neat person. You're true through and through. Thanks for the update.

Hugs, Heather