May 29, 2006

Hemp Hoe Down 2006

We went to the Hemp Hoe Down a couple weeks ago, at a campground just went of Sturgis off of Interstate 90. Had a very, very good time. Ate some yummy food: Thai spring rolls, buffalo burgers from the "Organibus Kitchen". The kids ran and ran and ran and played and played and played all day. They found endless ways to keep themselves occupied near the creek. It was a beautiful, sunny day spent with friends as a few of the others from The Mother's Collective were there, too. Alex Whiteplume spoke about his experience of growing hemp, only to have the DEA come in and seize it, twice. It's now being battled out in the court system, hoping that the courts will declare HEMP and MARIJUANA to be two separate things, and so cannot be treated the same. Hopefully Alex and his family will finally be able to reap the benefits of this amazing crop.
In the photo, we are stripping the fiber off of hemp to make hemp paper. Saylor and Sage were both into it!

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