October 18, 2008

Catching up


We were invited to Isaac's 10th birthday party. He was a weekend camper at the campground we stayed at, and we struck up quite a relationship with him. He's a very kind little boy, so patient with Sage and loves anything I happen to be cooking...adding his sweet little..."mmm, that smells good" even when it was nothing but a huge pan of vegetables sauteeing in olive oil to be served over scrambled eggs. We'll miss him, but will keep in touch, no doubt.

My birthday was spent in Aitken, MN (john was working there, so we followed along). John returned to the room with a pizza and a cake and a funny card for me. Sage enjoyed the cake! (so did I...it was marble truffle something or other. Veddy goooood!)
Sage's bridge contruction and a safe crossing for his wooden mouse.
More friends from the campground.

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