August 17, 2006

Simply, Magic

Last night, John got home late, 7:30sh, showered quick, scarfed down dinner, then out the door at 8:15 to go to the Howard Dean soirre (is that the right spelling, oh well!) So, the boys and I headed over to the YFS parking lot, where we like to zoom our bikes around. At first, Stone and Sage were in the Burley, and Saylor and I rode. After a while, Stone asked to come back home and pick up his bike, so we were all peddling. We played follow the leader, and had to do all kinds of wacky things on our bikes, especially when Saylor was leading!
After we tired of riding, we got off the bikes and hit the pavement with our feet, some of them bare, and dirty now! Saylor and Stone were playing, running around, jumping up and pushing off of these concrete light bases, and Stone said, "Mom, this is so much fun. It's just like a playground!" Course Sage was just giggling as he did his best to keep up with them and mimic every little thing they did. Little sponge 'o mine!
Well, then the sprinklers on the boulevard came on! Yeah, it's dark, around 9:00, of COURSE they had to go through them! So, up and down they ran, over and over and over, until they were dripping wet-- but HAPPY! :)
And again, Sage followed, his little legs working so hard to carry him up and back more than 5 times.
As I watched my joyful boys dig into their world, I smiled and was happy to share in that moment with them, even if I stayed dry! It makes me see the beauty that unfolds when parents say YES more! As we continue to say "yes" more to our children, I really notice those around me who are 'no' sayers, and it just makes me feel deflated. I can't imagine having someone tell me every minute, what to do, how to do it, why to do it, and on and on. Blech....

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