September 14, 2006

Photo Explosion

Here are some of the fascinating creatures we've been finding at the campground (Whispering Oaks CG) we're staying at in Story City, Iowa. The bat is my favorite! I love bats! I was walking over to the laundry to wash a load of diapers and noticed this little darling sitting on a hosta. We grabbed a pair of Dad's thick gloves and have made a dark little place for it to sleep for the day. We're wondering what it'll do tonight. I'd like to create a custom made leash for him and have him buzz around our bus at night gobbling up mosquitos for us! S'pose that's do-able?!? ;)
The water way you see is right by our bus, and that's where the boys spend their days catching and releasing tad-pole like things.


Heather Brown in Iowa said...

Hi Karen and family,
I love the photo explosion! Enjoy your time in IOWA!! :~)

Amy said...

Hi Karen,

What cool days you're having! I have to say I don't share your love of bats - too many bats visiting the inside of our house a couple years back! Now I'm going to have to look up bats because I always thought that bats found out during the day were rabid, but I'm sure you and the boys weren't handling a rabid bat!

Mel said...

Great photos! Congrats. on doing something those cute little guys will surely fondly remember all their lives -- well Sage might be a little too young to remember, but otherwise... :)