October 13, 2007

Lovely Fall Days

We've had a full and zany week of fun. Went to the park, oh, several times. Maybe 6 times? Maybe more? Today, I have a hair appointment for a cut and color (ouch, it'll be a spendy one, but I DESERVE IT!:) Part of me wants to do something radical (or at least a dramatic, noticeable change) and the other part of me clings to the old familiar. I don't know which way I'll go yet.

Grandma will hang out with the boys while I'm there, and then we'll try to make it to cousin Jarod's football game, and then, we've been invited to go to Watiki Water Park with my sister and her family. They're even buying our wrist bands! So nice...:) The boys are all still sleeping at this point, oh wait, I hear footsteps from above. They'll be quite excited about swimming today.

John will finish up his last day of work in MN today, winterize the bus tomorrow, then see Henry Rollins live in Minneapolis on Monday. He is *stoked* to go to this, and I'm looking forward to a call right after with all the details while they're still fresh in his mind. Then, Tuesday, he'll fly to Texas to pick up a truck for his brother, drive said truck back to northern MN somewhere, and then hopefully come home for a spell. Yep. Welcome to our crazy life.

Well, got a nursling crawling to my lap now, so I'm off! Good Day all...


Snavleys said...

You guys turned us on to Henry Rollins when we were there and we've watched him ever since. I would love to hear him live, very cool! I wanna see pictures of the hair when you are done :)

kelli said...

Oooh, I bet John is soo excited about Rollins! Too cool :)

And very exciting to get a hair cut too, I can relate *g* I just got mine cut too :D

AnneO said...

I'm *so* sorry to interrupt the flow of your comments...but I don't know how to get in touch with you!! Could you *please* write to me:


(It's about the article I wrote...)


Vicki said...

Joey says they NEED operators up here in CO......It's such a great place, too! let me know if you want more info....:)