October 31, 2007

Halloween Plans

We'll attend the Mother's Collective partay later today. It's a potluck, eating for the first hour and a half, then onto games for the last 2 hours. Finishing it all off with the lights out, pumpkins aglow on table tops, strobe lights, black lights and dancing.

I'm making little critters that resemble spiders. Picture a little smokie, wrapped in a bit of breadstick, baked, with legs made from shoestring potatoes. You get the idea. Sage is going as batman, Stone as the chain-saw massacre guy, and Saylor as, um, well, not sure, he and John are keeping that on the hush hush at this point. And, we won't have any pictures to document, because our digital camera is in MN. Darn!

We carved pumpkins last night, then watched Reign Over Me. Very good, have a new appreciation for that song, now (Love, Reign O'er Me by The Who; though we think it's Eddie Vedder singing in the movie.) Checked out the lyrics, and they are powerful.

So, that's it for us for now. Of course, we're trick or treating after the party, so that will be the highlight for one and all, I'm sure.

Happy Halloween to you!


Rita N Geo said...

Ahhh.... I want to go with you! It sounds like a super fun filled night! Yummy food too! I hope it is a blast and you eat lots! Candy that is...see you soon:)

Heather said...

I want to live in your WILD world!!!