November 4, 2007

70 Glorious Degrees

That's what we're having right here, right now. It's not too shabby for a November day in South Dakota, eh?

We've got windows open in every room. Sweet breezes flowing through, smelling of crisp, fresh air. The down comforter is soaking up some sun, and the sheets are too. We could be outside, but everyone is quite content running around (naked mostly, except for Saylor and I) inside, building their respective forts and hiding out in cozy spaces carved out for one. (update: Sage just descended from said upstairs hiding spot, stingray in hand, requesting a bath, wish granted, of course!)

We ordered up a couple of bullwhips this morning from e-bay (saylor's new fascination, after watching Cat Woman several times, upon Sage's request). Stone had to have one, too. Saylor's already making plans and dreaming up what he'll do with his; to include: poking a long stick into the ground and seeing if he can remove it using only his whip.

John's off and earning money again for us. Thanks, Honey! :) We miss him, as always. This is just where we're at for today. That's what we work from. Today.

Grandma spent the last couple of nights with us. It's always nice having her around. The boys love their time with her. We're trying to bully her into trying out Guitar Hero with us, but no luck yet. We'll get her! Barb did play last night while she and Emma were here for a visit. She's hooked. ;)

I made cranberry scones yesterday, with the recipe shared by Ms. Kelli. They're scrumptious and special and make one feel oh, so lucky! (and they're insanely easy to make, added bonus)

The boys and I are planning a trek into the woods this afternoon. (tomorrow it's supposed to be 40, so we'll save our marathon banana cookie, bread, muffin baking for then).

Have a sunny one!

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kelli said...

ahhhh... 70 degrees in November! You're warmer than we were here in Oregon!