November 11, 2007

Good Times

Last week, was just all around, entirely Good. For three days, the boys and I didn't leave the house. (except for 1 quick trip each day, Monday-Wednesday). They were all so content to just be home, so I didn't offer up any outings. And they didn't ask for any. And they played so, so well together. Like friends. It was a beautiful thing!

Then Thursday, Sage turned 3. Then Friday we went to the homeschool park day and the kids had a great time running around the BMX track that's near the park. As it was nearing time to go, Mary's boys and my boys (we each have 3), had conspired a plan for us to join them at their house. So, that's what we did. Mary whipped up a couple homemade, delish pizzas, while we sipped some wine together and the kids continued on their playing voyage. A splendid evening, except for the fact that a severe case of the YUK'S was about to strike poor old Mama. I told the boys I was feeling very weird, and that we needed to go. They were incredibly sweet (and quick) in getting out of the house and to the car. I guess they could see the near panic on my face? We made it half way home and sho thing, I had to pull to the side of a (dark, untraveled (THANK GOD) road), and puke. One more episode a bit later at home, then I was all better. But, EWWWWWWW! I really dislike puking. And that's putting it mildly, ok? The boys were concerned about me, and gentle with me, and took really good care of me. I survived.

Then Saturday, we had to go back to the BMX track with our bikes, and Mary and her family. Saylor started feeling weird and Stone wasn't ready to leave, so Mary offered to bring Stone home later. Saylor did end up with a slight fever later that afternoon, so Sage and I spent the beautiful 70+ degree day inside, nursing him back to health. He was 100% the next day. Gotta love those homeopathics and essential oils! And the Mama love sure doesn't hurt, either. Stone finally rolled in around 4:30. I was happy for him that he got that special time for just *him*. He had a good time, too, but was tired for sure!

I feel like there are big changes happening here, in the lives of our little boys. Saylor is becoming more patient, caring, calm and compassionate towards his brothers. Way less of the normal irritation in his voice now.

Stone is finding his way out of his dream, fantasy world more often. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with being there, it's just where he spends a lot of his time, so it's great to have him present with us, too. He seems to be becoming more aware of how *he* has an impact on the world around him. I'm sure it's not a coincidence that because he knows he's completely accepted for where he *is*, at any time, that he's able to begin to show empathy for others. (and if that sentence is incredibly confusing, my aplogies)

And Sage is saying so many cute things, I'll never get them all down here. "Wait a minute..." (in a long, drawn out, i-get-the-feeling-someone's-trying-to-pull-one-over-on-me kinda voice). And his most often uttered word at present, happens to be "tupid athole". I'll let you figure out just what that's supposed to mean. To him, it means nothing than two obscure words strung together (something he heard his brother say, and it stuck). He says it when he's mad at someone, he says it when he's laughing with someone, he says it to his toys that he's playing with. Anytime's a good time, evidently! ;) I'm trying really hard not to get attached to the message that he's bad for saying those words. And really, the only time I get tense, is when he says it around someone else. Oh, my. What will *they* think? Yeah, always working to get over that one, y'know?

Let the Good Times roll...

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Heather said...

Laughing here! Camden is 3 and say those funny things too! I'm glad to see your take on it. Holden did the same thing and I know Camden will outgrow some of the language usage. We were at my SILs last week and my 6 year old niece came to tell me about the words Camden was using. "Um, Heather, Cam is saying asshole and he won't stop." My BIL and SIL were in the room and we all started to laugh b/c we know it is something little boys do. Of course I decided it was time to go home. Camden was very tired and fell asleep right away in the car.

Enjoy them and those forts!! My boys have been making them as well. But no wind storms here yet!! ;)

Hugs to you and yours!!!!