November 20, 2007

Travelin' Men

John came home for about 2 hours on Saturday, on his way through from Kansas to Washington. I whipped him up a nice lunch, and then asked Saylor if he'd be interested in going with Dad this time around. It's only supposed to be a 4 day journey, way up north to Blaine, WA, right on the Canadian border.

Saylor says "YES!" and we get him all packed up with essentials, and then they're off.

And now I'm asking myself, "ummmm, why the hell did I go and do that?" I miss my boy!!! :(

And then I remember, "Oh, yeah, because I *knew* he'd love to spend some time with Dad, and it is only fair that I share (a little at least) with John, who's always out there all by his lonesome."

Ok. Fine.

But I MIIIIIIISSSSS my Boy. And Stone misses him, big time. He actually had tears in his eyes when Saylor was preparing to go, saying "I don't want you to go, Saylor". But then Saylor told him how much he really wanted to go, and Stone reluctantly gave him his nod of approval. And now Stone's dreaming about him. And Sage will ask here and there throughout the day where Saylor is. We're all a bit lost.

Seem like I'm missing a part of my own anatomy. It's just weird. Eerily weird.

Can't wait til my travelin' men come back to me...


Sue and Steve said...

Hi Karen! Maddie asked me to read your blog to her and she says Saylor's adventure reminds her of our moving trip. We're so excited to be living so much closer to you now! We'll have to plan a get-together, once the kids get over the traveling they just did to get here!

kelli said...

awww... it's so hard when they go away. :( But yet so exciting for them too, especially that he gets to be with John. It'll be such a wonderful memory for them both, I'm sure!

hugs to you~

Heather said...

Awesome that he was able to go!!! He'll have a new appreciation for what his daddy does and feel so grown up when he returns. :)

Rita N Geo said...

Hey Karen! Sounds like the boys are getting so grown up and more like you and John and freebirds! That is so cool. I wanted to let you know that we are sorry to miss you in SD. There was just so much going on and so little time. We really spent a lot of time with Olivia and much need time for sure! Hope you are enjoy the holidays and see you soon I hope.

JenBin said...

I know how you feel. I get that way when the kid goes off to school. But it's what is good for her at this time. *big sigh*