December 2, 2007

All Good Things

We're all nestled into our cozy little home, happy chilling out (or warming up?) by the fireplace, playing cards, watching cartoons and movies, playing the PS2, baking, eating, sipping hot chocolate, jumping from couch to cushions and back. All Good Things!

That's really the gist of our lives lately. I'm still volunteering at the co-op, although they want to pay me for some part time stuff from now until after the holidays, so I say "HellYa!" John's around, so it's a prime opportunity for me to get out and exercise my brain muscles.

We did some re-arranging of the game room, so now it's all set up with the flat screen, PS2 hooked up and ready, the futon, stuffed full of pillows for cozy tv watching/playing/reading or other snuggly things.

I whipped up a homemade pizza last night. Golly, why don't I do that more often? It's so easy, even the crust part. No raising time required, because I opted for the thin crust. I was just bummed I didn't have any veggies to put on it. Oh, well. I'll do it again soon.

Saylor's re-trying WoW. It's a 10 day free trial, we'll see how he feels after the 10 days. The first character he created was from the 'dark side'. I think the Horde? I'm not so WoW literate. Sorry. Then he did create a character from the Alliance, so I can rest-assured he's not ALL EVIL! (giggle, giggle)

Well, I'm going to run out and pick up the ceramic tile scraps I nabbed from free-cycle. Hoping to do some fun mosaic stuff with the boys on these dreamy indoor days. I also want to make some neck warmers for them, using my round looms. And Saylor wants a big shoulder flax-seed heat pad thing, so we need to try to figure out a pattern and sew something up for that. We'll toss in a bulk load of lavender seeds, as well, for the soothiness of it all.

Stone and Sage are busy playing whatever they can think of that requires bat-man capes, and varying animals. Stone's always the Dad, and Sage is his baby ---fill in the blank--- animal. And Stone's building with anything he can get his hands on. Yesterday, as John, Saylor and I played King's Corners, he was using the UNO deck, a small table, some other items on the floor, and building all sorts of stuff.

We're great. Hope you are too!

Be Well...


Sue and Steve said...

Sounds so wonderful and very cozy.

I need to ask you about TV. We haven't had it since having kids, and for the most part the kids are fine without it, but Harry's been asking for it occassionally since the move.

It sounds like the boys spend plenty of time in real-world play, which is my fear -- that once we get the tube, we'll all sit around it mesmerized and cease the wonderful play and activities that we do now. OTOH, there's some interesting programming on discovery, NatGeo and Animal Planet that the kids watch at my folks/sister's house.

So, how do you keep it from being too much of a presence?

I'd love to see your no-rise pizza crust recipe too!

diana(hahamommy) said...

In keeping with my wool frenzy ;) You can use wool on the large loom and felt it to make tubes for the buckwheat hulls! One end can be closed before felting and the other can be fashioned with a button :)

I had SUCH a good time hearing about Sage's dream yesterday! ♥ I'm so honored :D

Heather said...

Glad all is well there!!! Joyce Fetteroll has some good input about TV usage, in case you haven't seen her site.

It has been really cold here and it was neat to see what you are doing there to stay warm and cozy.

Stay well!! :)

Learning Barefoot said...

don't you just love freecycle? I'd love to have your pattern when you create it for the shoulder pad thing- is it the same idea as the rice kind freezer or microwave accordingly?

I so want one of those round looms, do you use it a lot? I'm crocheting a baby blanket- which I promised myself I'd finish before Joy is born, and it's now half way- maybe Santa will bring me a knitting hoop if I finish before Christmas!

I'm glad to have re-discovered your blog. happy holidays!

joe said...

Is there a picture of the round loom thing? I'd like to see and get one maybe. Also need that pizza doe recipee. joe s

Snavleys said...

You've been tagged! See

Vicki said...

going on a whole month.....going thru Wild Tribe withdrawals.....:)