February 6, 2008


Saylor started coughing yesterday, and said he had pain when coughing today, so we ventured out and took him to the chiropractor, for an adjustment and to soothe mama's fears that all was well in those precious lungs. His lungs are clear, so we'll keep doing what we've been doing; lots of herbals, homeopathics, eucalyptus in the vaporizer, Raven and Frankincense rubbed on the chest and back, and some arnica tabs to help with his sore little ribs. Tomorrow, he'll be better! Yes, yes, yes!

Stone and Sage went for a visit to Haakon and Henry's house, so Saylor and I rented a bloody, gory vampire movie, and brought it back home for a fun little date. Stone reeaallly! needed some play time with friends, and enjoyed his time there. We drove over to pick them up around 5 and Stone wasn't quite ready yet, so Mary (H&H's mom) agreed to bring him back to our house on her way to volleyball around 7.

We returned the vampire movie (Blood Rayne) and picked up a couple others from Red Box. Don't you love Red Box! Heck Ya! $1 movies. I'll take it! We brought home Across the Universe and Game Plan. The boys requested Game Plan first, so that's what we watched tonight while we nibbled, er, ah, scarfed some guacamole. But tomorrow, we watch the movie I've been wanting to see for a long time!

I talked to John this afternoon, around 5, and he said he'd been in bed all day because he woke up feeling really rotten this morning. Dang. So, he may be coming home tomorrow where he can have some TLC, homemade chicken noodle soup and oranges juiced by the dozen. I'll do my volunteer shift on Saturday at the Breadroot, then meet with a prospective doula client on Sunday.

And again, I'm NOT getting sick. No, no, never, never uh, uh, uh! Wait, I think in LoA terms, I would say, "I'm healthy, I'm so healthy! I just love my healthy self, thank you Universe for bestowing the Gift of health onto this Grateful mama!"

All is Well...


Amy said...

Your poor boys! It sounds as if you're taking such good care of them. Here's to healthy days ahead for all of you!

Heather said...

I am up early b/c of a coughing little one. I nursed him back to not coughing. And now if I could go back to sleep for just a bit. It is awesome to read all the neat things you do for your boys! I am sure the universe knows what it is doing by keeping you healthy.

We just rented game plan a few days ago from RedBox. ;) Cute! Yes, we love it too!

Happy, happy to you all!!!

Sue and Steve said...

Oh, Karen,
Sick kids is always the hardest part of parenting for me and I'm still working on undoing those fears and beliefs. Sending you clarity and peace and healing!