September 22, 2008

To Thine Ownself Be True

Grubby Gurgle, Stanky Stoo and Ooga-Mooga have it all figured out! They’re so sure of themselves, they sing this song:

“Oh, we are Nasty Gnarlies,
We like to make a mess.
Getting stuck in yucky muck
Is what we like the best!

“We’re fabulously smelly,
Like pungent potpourri.
What could be more beautiful
Than nasty gnarly we?”

But then along comes Snooty Judy Butterfly, quickly setting them straight. *She* is exquisite, PERFECT, actually…(her words). Of course, the poor nasty gnarlies believe that they are now less, and that they really need to live up to her standard of beauty. In vain they wrap themselves up, on Snooty Judy’s advice, hoping they’ll wake up in the spring as beautiful as she.

Of course, they cannot change who they really are, and thankfully come to realize that maybe Snooty Judy Butterfly has it all wrong.

“Our beauty IS our gnarliness.
We were pretty all along!” says Stanky Stoo.

“I like that thought,” said Grubby.
“Our funk is quite divine!
I don’t want to be a butterly,
I’d rather bathe in slime!”

“I gotta be ME!” sang Stanky

Fittingly, I read this book to the boys at a time when I needed reminded of the simple message inside. Embrace who you are.
Love who you are.
Be Grateful for who you *are*.

And tell all of those Snooty Judy’s in your life just where they can go!

And then, rush to your library and read this book to your kids!

_Three Nasty Gnarlies_ by Keith Graves


Heather's Moving Castle said...

That does sound cool! Those snooty tooties cab buzz off. Much peace to you!


Kendra said...

Haven't talked to you for awhile! Are you guys still in MN?

Well, you've been tagged. Take a look at my blog for details.