September 10, 2008

Have you met Eli?

You gotta check him out! He's got the funniest dirty jokes, we've gotten many a belly laugh from them. This is one of our favorites, but do take the time to check out some of the others. Some are dirtier than others, but funny anyway!



amy said...

That there is some funny Sh**! Hope you all are having a lovely end of summer days.

Heather's Moving Castle said...

That's cute! Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad we got to see you all last month. I'm pining to come back. Don't know what will pan out. Cliff is tied up with school all week and doing about 15 hours of homework on the weekends and at least 15 or 20 hours of studying and homework during the week. But all is going well here.

Alex called me the other day. It was fun to hear her update and about the visit.

Heather and family