August 23, 2008

We made a trip to Northfield last weekend (so I could shop at Target, they've only got an x-mart here...;) While Sage and I were shopping, the big boys and dad did some fishing, and snake cathcing, it appears!

Stone wanted to do some night fishing the other night, and the moon over the lake was just so pretty, I had to capture it to share with you all!Being crazy!

Baiting the hook. Thank god the boys do that themselves, I'm such a wimp about tearing a poor little worm in half. Can't do it. Yick.



Jack said...

Cool! Did anyone catch anything?


kelli said...

ahhhh, at the lake in the summer. That's what I had growing up. :) In Minnesota no less ;)

So fun to see your pictures!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

We really enjoyed our weekend visit!! Wish it was longer! Our boys are ready to come back...just like they didn't want to leave. lol.

I posted about our weekend and uploaded to flickr. I know your time is limited. Just wanted to let ya know. Our weekend is on my flickr for all of eternity! You all looked great and we appreciated the invite.

Heather and family

Rita N Geo said...

that is so cool! olivia is really into the frog catching thing too!
I can't believe that sage is riding bikes on TWO WHEELS!! Talent I say! We miss you! you look so good! things are fantastic here better than ever before! we are counting down until its our turn to have a cute vollmer/buxcel baby! just planning for now but soon!