June 29, 2010

It's Almost Official

Our new home...

We've been looking all winter. Thinking, asking, discussing, dreaming, wondering, researching.

We thought about country living. Love the idea. It's very romantic, and I like to imagine myself living in the country, but, the reality doesn't jive. So, smack dab in the middle of the city is the place for us, for now. Five minutes to everything. Easy access for all of our traveling friends to swing on in as they pass by.

I'm working 15 hours/week at the Breadroot and John is on the road all the time during this busy season, two more big reasons not to be outside of town.

We're closing end of July. I'm so very ready to be in our own home again.


amy said...

Very cool! I'm so giddy for you-seeing the pics makes it more real, thanks for sharing. I can see why you had GOOD feelings about the home.

kelli said...

Looks awesome! So exciting, I'm happy for you guys!

Sue or Willow. We share this ID said...

Wow, I just thought to check your blog! Congratulations! What gorgeous woodwork and paint inside! I love the house. And I see all sorts of sunny space in the front and side yards for lots of fruit and veggies (but that's my particular obsession, lol!)

Mary said...

woohoo!! I FOUND you!!! :) thanks for the comments!
I'm going to link your blog to mine!
Hope to see u soon!