May 22, 2011

The Light in Me see's The Light in You

So if I can meditate I feel fortunate. If I can meditate with Ahjuan I feel inspired, blessed and much more. Today was all the above. When i got to the temple Ahjuan was performing some kind of ceremony that might bring good fortune to someone who lost a job and out of work for some time. So Nice!!! Than he started his ritual chanting before meditation. Half way through meditation two people came in he began to talk with them I continued to meditate. When I was done I found out the two were college students researching Buddhism and meditation. One of the girls was Laos and the other American, The Laos girl ask me what had brought me here and why I began to meditate. It took me a second but I simply told her I was meditating with friends back home but what really brought me down this path was a time over a year ago that had stuck with me. It is or was hard to explain until today. Ok it might not be easy to explain but I'll try my best. I had a moment that was profound to me and while reading "Stages of Meditation" by the Dalai Lama it dawned on me what to call it "Emptiness" ultimate reality, free from elaborations, it is uncontaminated. It felt so good I needed more so here I am. Lucky enough to find a teacher like Ahjuan I told them he is a great teacher.
Than Ahjuan began to talk for a long time time to this girl in Laos I had know idea what they were talking about I think he may have told some stories of his life as a young man and it my have been very brutal. As time went on I realized I had to go and I politely excused myself but I wanted to know what he had said and wanted the girl to email me. She said he said many thing and she couldn't understand everything. I kind of laughed but on the way out she told me He said that He saw something in me strong and good. I told those girls that just blew my mind and made me very emotional as it does just writing it. I can't wait to see him again.

I pay homage to that being sublime
Amongst the Buddhas, the propounder of the teaching,
Who taught that things arise through dependence
And that there is no cessation, no birth,
No annihilation, no permanence,
No coming and no going,
No separate meaning and no sameness,
Thoroughly free from elaborations, and completely at peace


Mary said...

Thank you John for sharing this experience. Sound so amazing and I can't wait for you to "teach" me. All my love to you!

Mary said...

Thank you John for sharing these experiences. It sounds amazing and I can't wait to visit with you more about it. All my love.